Living Pain Free – Natural and Spiritual Solutions

Living with chronic and acute debilitating pain can have a profound negative effect on your whole life. It can be overwhelming and unbearable to tolerate, it can affect your mood and completely wear down your spirit. It can totally destroy your life if you let it. A life consumed with searching for lasting solutions and respite relief is no fun. Different approaches work for different people, and nothing should be ruled out. There’s always hope and answers for those willing to make the change from pain to pain-free.

My newest book, Living Pain-Free, Natural and Spiritual Solutions to Eliminate Physical Pain, delves into holistic and spiritual paths to ease and/or heal your pain.Living pain free


Part I: Uncovering the Truth about Pain
Ch 1: The Origins of Pain
Ch 2: Mind Over Pain
Ch 3: A Look at Stress and Inflammation

Part I helps us understand the true essence of pain. It’s a clear sign that something is significantly unbalanced in your body. Taking medications doesn’t resolve the problem, it only offers temporary or no relief. It seems like such a waste of time and resources to mask a health issue instead of getting to its roots. The true cause of your hurt may be physical, emotional, or energetic. There are different pains, muscles, nerve, and bone and each has their own impact on the body. One approach to healing is meditation, and a few techniques are shared that has worked very well for many people. I personally love the Healing Rain Forest technique!

Part II: Natural Methods for Healing Pain
Ch 4: Pain-Relieving Herbal Medicines and Supplements
Ch 5: Nutrition to Conquer Inflammation and Pain
Ch 6: Detoxing to Release Pain
Ch 7: Incorporating Exercise into Your Life
Ch 8: Physical Therapies and Healing Methods

Part II is filled with lots of herbal remedies and suggestions. Herbal treatments are nontoxic formulas that work harmoniously with our bodies and are by far easier to absorb than pharma products. Our bodies intuitively know what will work for us and we are encouraged to use our intuition to choose our own herbs. The authors offer several herbal suggestions and I’ve tried a few of them. Turmeric is one of the most effective plant-based medicines for inflammation of all kinds. I thought it was interesting to learn that if you treat the symptoms of pain without addressing the inflammation, the swelling and pressure builds so that the pain will as soon as you stop taking your herbal supplements.

Eating a balanced acid/alkaline diet with foods directly from Mother Nature will have a healing effect on our bodies. Altered, processed, and GMO foods cause our bodies to become acidic and highly toxic. A build-up of toxins can cause painful areas in your body so getting rid of this build up is imperative if we want to see results. Detoxing is recommended with specific herbs for cleansing the liver and getting rid of parasites. And, it goes without saying that exercise will ease many painful symptoms, motion is lotion!

Part III: Spiritual Solutions to Pain
Ch  9:  Energetically Evicting Pain
Ch 10: Spiritual Healing Methods
Ch 11:  Honoring Your Sensitivity

Part III will take you through perhaps some new areas that you may never thought to venture for pain relief. Connecting with nature is the most natural way to heal, Mother Nature is a beautiful healer. Go for a walk outside, especially out in nature. Essential oils are widely known for their healing properties and a few are covered in this book. Crystal therapy is hugely regarded as a positive healing technique, and it’s quite popular with all walks of life. Some information on using, cleansing, and programming crystals is shared, and I found these steps to be very crucial prior to use.

Affirmations and prayers are important factors in our self-healing journey. Connecting with the Divine to intervene in our healing, is comforting to many people. A multitude of small prayers are offered throughout the whole book and several real healing stories are shared. I found them to be so encouraging and hopeful. It also talks about being sensitive to other people’s emotional energy and how to clear that.

The back of the book offers lots of spiritual and energetic solutions and recipes that I found interesting and helpful. I think this book is enlightening and offers oodles of reliable natural methods and information that you would not get from your average clinic. It’s so well laid out and easy to understand. It’s well worth the read!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.