Lonely Planet Kids Travel Bundle

We’re on the verge of summer and everyone is excited about their impending holidays. Hitting the road and enjoying some laid back vacation time with the family is something we look forward to all year round. But, traveling with kids has its ups and downs. Everyone is pumped about the trip, but the journey can be long and arduous when boredom breaks that cheerful vibe.

First, kids can get antsy being in a confined space whether in a car or in a plane, then a little whiney and may even break into tears if the scenery is uninspiring. Having some fun travel trip activities and interactive books already chosen ahead of time is good planning. Lonely Planet Kids has got your back! Check out these great travel books for children of all ages.

My Vacation Drawing Book

If your child loves to doodle and sketch, then My Vacation Drawing Book is ideal. It will inspire their inner Picasso or Rembrandt to pick up the pencil and create lasting memories. Each page allows them to express and interpret what they experience on vacation, starting with the first day.

This book also captures kid’s attention by giving specific step by step drawing instructions, from drawing balloons to stick people to creatures to animals to faces to learning dimensions and light and shade, and much more. It will keep kids amused for hours and they’ll be doing something constructive and honing an artistic skill. It’s a great hardcover travel companion.

Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers is an activity book that features fun puzzles, challenges, and games for the whole family. I love these types of books; they not only keep you occupied for endless hours, but they also encourage problem-solving and contemplation. Some of the games included are word searches, anagrams, hidden messages, connect the dots, visual word puzzles, Morse madness, number puzzles, flag finder, riddle of the Sphinx, Sudoku, and many more. The pages are bright and colorful and the games are interesting and challenging. Who’s the smarty pants in your family?

My Vacation Scrapbook

My Vacation Scrapbook is fun, interactive, and filled with 150 vividly colored stickers. The stickers can be used to emphasize, enhance, and personalize your travel experiences. Kids can collect and store souvenirs, keepsakes, tickets, receipts, and mementos from every place they stopped along the way. There’s a handy pouch at the back of the book to stow your travel treasures.

This book can also be used as a travel diary. Do the fun exercises, and jot down anything important about your vacation destination. Maybe you met the pilot and he gave you an airline pin, or maybe you stopped for lunch and met some kids from a different country. Each page prompts kids to share their perspective while giving them the freedom to express their experiences in their own way. Record your family’s adventures so down the road you can all look back fondly on this well-documented travel itinerary. What a fun book to take on vacation!

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.