Lonely Planet’s Best Brews for Father’s Day

Coffee Brews

Worldwide there are around 2 billion cups of coffee drank every day. It’s the ideal pick-me-up drink that takes our brains from fog to jog in a short time and it’s the perfect casual social drink for mingles or singles. Today, there are an overwhelming amount of specialty shops globally that cater to our eclectic taste buds.

Growing up, my father was one of those people who loved his coffee. He wasn’t into those cookie flavored or calorie-laden cappuccinos or frappuccinos, just freshly brewed aromatic coffee made from freshly ground beans. He could tell what kind of beans were used and if the coffee was made using pre-ground beans. He was a true old-school coffee aficionado. Whenever we traveled, we would only stop at the places that had the best coffee.

I, on the other hand, am not an aficionado, I just love yummy flavored coffees. Traveling through Europe, it was a given that we should stop at local street-side cafes and bistros and enjoy espressos or different flavors of coffee. It was in France that I savored my first cappuccino! The combination of location, flavors, and ambience made the experience irresistible and unforgettable. I have a lot of fond memories, and I wish I could go back to the same cafes and relive those moments.

If you or your dad are a coffee connoisseur, and you love to travel, then you will appreciate Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour book. It’s filled with over 150 amazing coffee experiences shared from 37 countries.

The Global Coffee Tour book is a taster’s guide to some of the best brews from around the world. From Africa to New Zealand, you’ll be introduced to their culture, customs and coffees. You’ll pop into some of their popular coffee shops, houses, baristas and studios, some espresso bars and roasteries and learn about some plantations and various brewing techniques. And not to forget, you’ll also read about some of the history and beauty of the featured country and learn about things to do while visiting there. It’s clear that coffee is a beverage that is lovingly brewed and enjoyed worldwide.

Beer Brews

Beer is another one of those social drinks that fit well with almost any occasion — family barbecue, a sports party, or if you’re just winding down from a rough day at work. You can also get a cold one just about anywhere on this bountiful planet. Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour book will take you through 30 countries that brew great tasting beer for thirsty travelers.

If you’re a beer fan, then you may enjoy traveling the world discovering and sampling the favorite brews of various countries. Each country featured in this book shares a brief history of the origin of their beer, plus mention a few breweries and beer places to visit. How about having a beer at the Dancing Camel Brewery in Tel Aviv, Isreal? They also suggest an itinerary of sights to see while in that particular area.

As I perused the book I landed in Germany, and I was immediately taken back to one of the most memorable travel experiences I ever had. We spent a lot of time in Germany and they are a culture that is very serious and proud of their lager-soaked history. Their emperor once declared ” Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.” Prost to that!

While in Munich, we had the opportunity to experience the Hofbräuhaus and the Oktoberfest. Both were overcrowded and overflowing with steins of lager. It was nearly impossible to get a seat or any service. The Oktoberfest has around 30 beer halls sprinkled around the grounds, but 14 of them are massive beer tents  – I mean seriously big. Each tent can seat anywhere from 4,000-10,000 people, but you need to get there early because the seats fill up fast. The other alternative is to enjoy their outdoor beer gardens which can hold thousands of people. Here tourists and locals alike can connect over a huge glass of cold beer. Incidentally, you can also get a beer at your local McD’s. Yes, it’s true!

So, whether dad’s favorite brew is coffee or beer or both, these books will entertain, educate and engage him as he learns about popular brewing locales worldwide. They’re a great gift idea!

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.