Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Trip Planner

I love to travel, so for me, planning a vacation is exhilarating and exciting. As I reflect back on my first major trip, I really had no idea what I was doing. I was a bit too enthusiastic and eager to worry about the details, but you know what they say, the devil is in the details. If overlooked, you can have an unpleasant surprise. I’ve since learned and gleaned insight from my oversights and errors. But even with the best-planned vacation you may still encounter unexpected circumstances or be completely derailed by the unforeseen. Here’s where a sense of humor and adaptability will do you justice.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria - Pixabay

The first decision we have to make is choosing a destination or destinations. Our choices can be influenced by family, friends, advertising photos, our heritage, or a burning desire to see a specific location. For me, it’s always been in Europe. Being of German heritage, I’ve had a love affair with the alpine countries since I was a young child. I always wanted to experience the Oktoberfest in Munich and visit King Ludwig’s castles in Bavaria. Both exceeded my expectations!

Oktoberfest Beer Hall, Munich
Image by Sean O’Neil/Flickr

If I could give you any initial advice before planning a trip, it would be to go to a bookstore and pick up some Lonely Planet travel and guidebooks. I would have been more successful on my first and following trips had I invested in these time-saving and insightful books.

Lonely Planet has two new books that will not only inspire you to travel to new locations but will have you well-prepped, prepared, and packed so you enjoy every minute of your vacation. Check them out!

Lonely Planet’s Where To Go When

The Ultimate Trip Planner For Every Month of the Year!

Where To Go When is organized into months. Each month starts with a detailed flowchart with a list of the best locations to visit, along with optimal conditions and circumstances. You wouldn’t want to be trekking Peru’s Inca Trail in February when it’s closed, or in July and August when it’s the busiest. Or maybe, you have a set two weeks in October. Even with this time restriction, you’ll find the perfect vacation location. Of course, these are just guidelines, but a lot of thought and preparation went into making this book so you can make educated decisions.

Detailed explanations are offered as to why each destination was selected. The text describes the place and why it’s special at that particular time. The destinations are illustrated by inspiring photographs and have a small suitcase infographic and symbol keys that show the leading reasons to go. Practical details make the first step in planning a trip easier.

My favorite time to travel is in September and October. When I look at the suggestions, it tells me that Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and England are the top European destinations in September. But, if I want to broaden my cultural experience, I would venture to the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, or admire the roaring waterfalls in the rainforests of Guyana, or walk the Great Wall of China. October destinations are Peloponnese, Greece, Southern Jordan, Fiji, or Manitoba, Canada.

Best in Travel 2017

The best trends, destinations, journeys & experiences for the year ahead!

Best in Travel

Lonely Planet is here to help you create your 2017 travel plans with their freshly released Best in Travel 2017 book. They’ve condensed their list into the top trendy 10 countries, 10 regions, and 10 cities that offer the wow factor for 2017. I’m delighted to share that Canada is their number one country of travel. Canada is turning 150 years old this year and what better way to celebrate than by welcoming visitors from around the globe. All national parks are free to enter.

Banff National Park is an absolute must-see for all travelers. Most people have heard about Lake Louise, but many don’t know about Moraine Lake. Moraine Lake is a stunning emerald-colored lake in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. I’m lucky enough to be within driving distance to this entrancing and empyrean park. Lake Moraine’s brilliant blue color and intense beauty can leave even the most eloquent poet lost for words.

Other countries covered in this guidebook are Columbia, Finland, Dominica, Nepal, Bermuda, Mongolia, Oman, Myanmar, and Ethiopia. Each location features beautiful photos and highlights the unmissable experiences, an itinerary, and the best time to visit. A few of the ten regions to visit in 2017 are Choquequirao in Peru, The Azores in Portugal, and The Skellig Ring in Ireland. Interested in the top ten cities to visit this year? Well, here are few to whet your travel bug appetite; Bordeaux in France, Ohrid in Macedonia, Moscow in Russia, and Portland, Oregon.

The back of the book has a section for those on a tight budget, but seeking enlightenment through a wonderment travel experience. Best Value Destinations will have you enjoying a cultural experience in places you only dreamed of. Want to take the whole family? No worries, they’ve listed several family options that will edge you out of your comfort zone, yet expand your horizons and enrich your life.

Lonely Planet has come up with the world’s best-value destinations, the most exciting family adventures, and the most incredible places to stay. Whether you’re a hammock-swinger, hiker, biker, rail-lover or road-tripper, these books will give you the best options and advice. Start your 2017 ultimate travel plans thumbing through the pages of their newest books. Happy traveling.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.