Hasbro Lost Kitties Mice Mania

When I think of cats and mice playing together, I’m taken back to the old Tom & Jerry cartoons. Although they fought, teased, annoyed and exasperated each other infinitely, deep down, I think they were friends. That’s the premise behind the Hasbro collection Lost Kitties, Mice Mania. Cats and mice just belong together. The Lost Kitties collection was released last year, but the Mice Mania is the next new exciting series in this loveable line. They feature adorable cats and sneaky, but super cute mice. Check them out!

Easy Squeeze Mice Can Toy

The kids will find the Easy Squeeze Mice Can Toy a blast to open. It’s a little tricky to open at first, but with just a few steps, teeny weeny cats, mice and accessories will come oozing out. The first you need to do is twist the paper cover off the can. Once you do, you’ll see a collector sheet and a comic strip.

Easy Squeeze Mice Can Toy

Take the cap off and if you peruse down to the bottom of the can, you’ll see a piece of white tape covering a switch. Remove the tape, flip the switch up and twist the bottom of the can. As you are turning, a colored compound that looks like cheese will ooze out the top of the can. WHO’Z HIDIN INSIDE?  Hidden inside the compound of each Easy Squeeze Mice Can, are 3 collectible mini-figures. They have sweet expressions, but you just know they are up to something. Collect all 8! Recommended for kids aged 5+ and retails for around $12.99.

Lost Kitties Mice Mania Singles Toy, Series 3

Lost Kitties Mice Mania Singles Toy, Series 3

The Mice Mania Singles come in a carton that looks just like a small milk carton. Inside each carton are one itsy bitsy cute cat figure, 2 accessories, shaping compound, a container with a lid, a sticker and a collector’s guide. I like that this toy comes with a lid. Kids can store their compound and protect it was drying out.

Most of the compounds come in a single color, white, but some look like chocolate ice-cream, while special cartons have a marbled compound- meaning two-toned. The characters are all different kind of cats with super cool names. The compound is reusable, so kids will have tons of fun creating play items for their cat buddies. There are 170 in this series that kids can collect throughout 2019. Recommended to kids 5+ and retail for $5.99 each.

Mice Mania Mice Minis Toy, Series 3

The Mice Manic Mice Mini’s arrive in style… a cheese wheel. Inside you’ll find 1 precious little mouse figure, shaping compound, meme sticker, and collectors’ sheet. They come in different character groups which include #Socute, #CheesePlease, #Mood, #PocketPal and finally #GotSkills. The legend on the collector sheet has different colored teardrops which indicate if the figures are Super Rare, Rare, Pawsome and Pawpular!

Lost Kitties Mice Mania Singles Toy, Series 3 collection

Most of the mice come with a yellow compound, but the rare figures will come with an orange or white compound with colored flecks. The series has 24 different characters to collect and kids will want them all. Recommended for ages 5+ and retail for around $4.99.

I received product to facilitate a review. All opinion are my own, yours may differ.