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Yesterday I went out for a walk and I could smell the distinct scent of autumn. Wow, I was thinking… already! I love summer and it’s always sad to say goodbye to the warmer weather. I don’t look forward to freezing temperatures and shoveling snow. But, I what I do look forward to is engaging in one of my favorite hobbies, knitting. With winter and the holiday season approaching, I’m getting out my needles, yarn, and some of my best-loved patterns. This year, I’m looking for new ideas, new patterns and new projects to embrace and start creating. To help me expand my skills, I have two new knitting books that are filled with gorgeous stitchwork and impressive designs.

Mosaic & Lace Knits

Mosaic & Lace Knits knitting patterns

If you enjoy intricate, dainty, and esthetically pleasing lacework bombed with an abundance of vibrant colors, then you will love Mosaic & Lace Knits. If you have an insatiable love for lace and bright colors like the author, then the included sophisticated, labryth-like mosaic patterns will appease your passion.

Getting Started with Mosaic and Lace

  • Meet the Slip-Stitch
  • Mosaic Colorwork
  • A Little Deeper into Mosaic
  • Mosaic Lace

The Patterns

  • Single Flight
  • Lozengy Scarf
  • Love Child
  • Sailing Diamonds
  • Your Princess is in Another Castle
  • Cush Job
  • Rock City Scraf
  • Bifoliate Slouch
  • Isochronal Arc
  • Rhipis
  • Punctatus Mitts
  • Sardaukar
  • Tamiami Trail
  • Quatrefoil Cap
  • Ves
  • Pinwheel Market Bat
  • Clupeidae
  • Lacy Pinstripe Cowlette
  • Willow Bloom
  • Fracture Helix

The onset of the book will walk you through some basics, the slip-stitch, selvage stitch, garter stitch, stocking stitch, and how to knit mosaic patterns. This includes your return row, working from a chart with a key, gauge, decreasing in a mosaic pattern, using contrasting colors for a visual effect, and much more.

Each pattern features several full-color photos along with written instructions, charts, a key, and specific Notes that share necessary information so you can finish your project successfully. The back of the book shares an abundance of tips, techniques, and trade secrets. You’ll also find all your abbreviations at the back of the books as well.

All the patterns are attractive, fun to make, and the instructions are well written and really easy to follow. Although none of the patterns offer a skill level, you do need to know the basics of knitting. This book is not for beginners, but more for experienced knitters. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t try and expand your skill levels. Consider it a challenge and start with a pattern that resonates with you.

50 Knitted Wraps and Shawls

50 Knitted Wraps and Shawls knitting Patterns

Wraps and Shawls seem to be one of those every occasion garments that never go out of style. They are classic garments that enhance our wardrobe and can blend harmoniously with any fashion trend. If you like making and wearing these cozy cloaks, then 50 Knitted Wraps and Shawls is a must-have. From simple knit-purl designs for beginners to slip-stitch colorwork designs, double-knit, brioche, lace, and cables, there are designs to interest every level of knitter

  • Materials & Knitting Basics
  • Before Your Begin
  • Finishing the Shawl
  • Knitting Basics
  • Chrochet Basics
  • Abbreviations & Knitting Symbols
  • Patterns

The beginning of the book shares lots of tips, advice and oodles of how-to step-by-step visual instructions. If you’re not familiar with a stitch, you can follow along and practice it until you perfect it. Some of these include left and right-leaning decreases, left and right increases, intarsia, surface crocheting and more.

Each pattern offers several full-color photos, written instructions, charts with a symbol key and difficulty level. I can see knitters of all skill levels making these garments. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, but the only challenge will be learning the abbreviations. I like to photocopy this page and have it handy when I’m knitting so I don’t have to keep referring to that section in the book.

Shawls and wraps make wonderful gifts, as would the book itself. With the holiday season not too far away, not is the time to bring out your needles and start creating. It’s a fun book and there are many patterns that speak to me. I can see myself revisiting this book every year for ideas.

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