Loving Your Cats Litter-ally with Arm & Hammer

I have enormous compassion for animals, especially cats. I’ve been adopting abandoned and abused cats since my daughter brought home a stray when she was about 8 years old. Since then, we’ve had many cats come into our lives and stay. Once we see their precious little faces, we could never give them away. Animals are not toys, so adoption should be taken very seriously. The shelters are loaded with unwanted pets, especially post-holiday, according to the Ontario SPCA. Thoughtful consideration must be given to the years of commitment required when caring for an animal.

We have four adorable cats and they mean a lot to our family. Although they differ in uniqueness and quirky personalities, the one thing they have in common is they all want to be loved and cherished. It’s so easy to love an animal that is affectionate, comforting, and downright entertaining. They give more than we couldn’t possibly give back.

My cats are experts at helping me fold my laundry, but they love to steal socks. They also obligingly sit in the middle of the newspaper while we’re reading it. They’re extremely passionate about greeting the Fed-Ex man, removing shoelaces, putting toy mice in our shoes, and turning the bathroom tap on to watch it drip. Wow, with all these attributes, how can we not reciprocate their devotion to us.

kitten eating

One of our cats is a sweet little black and white rascal who loves to be at one with her food, she seems to feel the need to step into the food bowl during mealtime. She also enjoys putting her toy mice in the food and water bowl depending on her mood. One way we show love to our cats is by only feeding them organic or range free cat food and treats.

Our cats are part of our family and having their own furniture is important to us. We actually have five cat towers in our living room and the cats totally enjoy jumping from one tier to the next, or on each other. Having several chill-out places is another way of showing kindness and love to your pets.

Siamese cats on a pet tower
Siamese cats toy box

Just like kids, cats love to play. Our cats actually have their own toy box full of mice, balls, strings, socks, and stuffies. We show our love by spoiling them.
We also have one cat that insists on a maintained litter area. We clean the litter every morning but if there’s a little too much traffic, she’ll use an area just outside the litter. Having multi cats using the same litter space has potential for smells to permeate our homes if we’re not using a litter with strong odor-absorbing qualities.

Arm & Hammer Litter

Having a stink-less house is what Arm & Hammer offers with their Clump & Seal cat litter.

  • Seals – Moisture-activated Micro-Granules form a tight seal around cat odour.
  • Destroys – Heavy-duty odour eliminators plus ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda destroy sealed-in odours on contact.
  • Low Tracking – Unique formula helps keep
    litter in the box instead of on kitty’s feet.
  • And your cat will love the new softer feel!

It’s so not cool to walk into someone’s home and know immediately they have cats. The Clump and Seal offers a revolutionary new formula that seals and destroys odors for a guaranteed 7 days. We all know the odor-absorbing virtues of baking soda, so using a litter that included this ingredient is advantageous. It not only keeps your cats happy, but it also keeps the whole household cheerful and odor-free. Extra strength formula also available for Multi-Cat homes. Using this litter is just another way of showing some love!!

I received compensation for this post, but all opinions are my own. Yours may differ.