Lug Sprout Carry All Bag

I’m so excited that summer is almost here. Warmer weather means we’re anxious to plan our vacation and get away from the humdrum of our daily routine. Planning and preparing for a holiday requires lots of details to be addressed. One important detail is the luggage. I have a few trips planned this year, and the last thing I want is a heavy bag to heave and hoist during my travels. I found the perfect product!

Lug is a fabulous company that makes super smart bags. What do I mean? They’ve been there and know that traveling with the right gear can make or break your trip, so they’ve designed travel bags with unsurpassable attributes and essential features. Each bag has been methodically thought out so it will keep travelers organized while sporting trendy styles and colors. One of their awesome bags it the Sprout Carry-All Bag.

Lug Carry All Bag

To me, the Sprout Carry-All is the ideal carry-on bag. It’s so versatile and incredibly lightweight that it’s going to be adored and very popular by all who use it. It’s a tote, messenger bag, and backpack all in one, so the choice is yours. The tote straps are short and have a comfortable grip in the center. The messenger strap can be adjusted to any length and has a really large and thick padded strip in the center so there will be no chaffing. The backpack straps are perfect for those who want their hands free and prefer to carry any weight on their back. The unused straps can be removed or hidden in the large pocket on the back of the Sprout. There is also a strap that you can slip over your luggage pull handle so you have complete freedom from carrying any luggage.

On one of the sides, there’s a small pouch that’s perfect for a bottle of water. The front is loaded with pockets, zippers, and cubbyholes that would mesmerize any traveler. Viewing the front of the bag, on the very top, there are two pocket slots for your passport and boarding passes, they have a magnetic closure so no fear of anything slipping out. Next is an uber-large pouch that’s optimal for magazines, travel itineraries, newspapers, or a book, it too has a magnetic closure. Just below is a zipper pouch where you can stow your phone, pens, paper, business cards, etc. Finally, there is another large pocket where you can stash your need-to-reach items like your sunglasses, kleenex, and lip balm. Wow, that is a lot of usable space for necessary items.

There are two main zipper storage compartments that offer lots of padding and safety for your valuables like your iPad, Tablet, or Reader. The other compartment has cargo pouches for important papers, clothing, shoes, you name it. There’s also a small zipper compartment which would be fabulous for makeup. The options are unlimited.

I think the Lug Sprout is not only travel-friendly, but it could also be used as a school backpack, a gym bag, or if you’re like me and you walk to the grocery store, as a carryall. What do you give a mom who really has everything? How about a LUG?

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.