Magic of Christmas Storybooks

Children experience Christmas through a variety of delightful sources. From festive music to tree decorating to decadent treats to visiting Santa to holiday shopping to caroling to festive coloring pages. Another wonderful way to expose children to the magic of Christmas is through enchanted storybooks. Each year we add new holiday-inspired storybooks to our growing collection. These magical stories become treasured keepsakes that kids love to read year after year. Here are a few titles your family will enjoy as well this holiday season.

12 Little Elves Visit Canada

12 Little Elves Visit Canada

12 Little Elves Visit Canada is a delightful tale about Santa’s elves taking in the sights and special events of this beautiful country. Dressed in cozy warm holiday attire, the elves traveled ahead of Santa to see who was still awake. Along the way, they enjoyed Della Falls, flying on some Canada geese, participating in the Winter Carnival in Quebec, crossing the Mackenzie River, playing hockey with a team of beavers, enjoying a huge plate of yummy pancakes and so much more.

Twas Christmas in Canada
and 12 elves were sent
to see who was sleeping…
…away they went!

The story is written in a rhyme format so it has a bouncy flow that children love. The illustrations are colorful and charming and show a lot of what makes Canada such a magical country to live in. In the end, they fulfilled their joyous task.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa storybook

Dear Santa is about a little boy named Parker and his commitment to being honest. Christmas is only a few weeks away and his class was writing a letter to Santa. All his classmates were exaggerating how good they’ve been all year. Parker, on the other hand, recalls several times when he had been naughty. He knew Santa could not be deceived, because the song says ‘He knows who’s been naughty or nice.’ So with integrity, he wrote an honest note to Santa along with some explanations. He accepted responsibility for his past actions and hoped he might get at least one present this year. The back of the book includes special stationery for kids to write their own letters to Santa. PLUS, get a FREE PERSONALIZED letter from Santa!

As a parent, I really enjoyed this story. It teaches kids that honesty is the best policy. The kids also thought that it’s best to come clean and own up to their bad conduct and actions. The illustrations are bright, cheerful and expressive. The kids felt like they were part of the story. It’s a lovely story and we’re happy to have it in our family library.

Christmas is Coming an Advent Book

Christmas is Coming an Advent Book

Christmas is Coming is filled with the excitement of the holiday season. This advent book shares 24 festive activities, recipes, games, stories and more that kids will be eager to experience. The cover of the book has flaps that kids can open on each of the 24 days leading up the Christmas day. A secret clue is revealed under each flap pertains to one of the activities. What will kids chance upon each day? On December 1, kids write a letter to Santa and mail it. December 2, kids will enjoy the lyrics to the festive song Deck the Halls Fa la la la la! There are scrumptious recipes to make, Christmas crafts to make, jokes to share and heartwarming stories to read. The pages are filled with vibrant illustrations that reflect holiday spirit! Christmas is Coming is a fun way for the whole family to create their own holiday traditions.

Santa is Coming to My House

Santa is Coming to My House

Santa is Coming to My House is another holiday storybook about the enormous job of delivering presents on Christmas Eve. The load is so big and Santa needs to head out soon. But, one of the reindeer is missing, it’s the youngest of the team. He was busy eating carrots and didn’t hear Santa’s call. Using the Santa-nav, Santa taps in the coordinates for the first stop. HO, HO, HO, off they went, But, they run into a massive snowstorm en route and they get lost. But, the young reindeer hears bells and turns the team toward the sound. Presents fly everywhere! Will they ever get back on track?

The story makes reference to Rudolph, but he’s portrayed as an aged, tired and not so special reindeer. My family took umbrage to this and felt it was disrespectful to this memorable character. But it is a cheerful story with a positive ending, and the illustrations are quite lovely.

Merry Christmas Little Elliot

Merry Christmas Little Elliot

Merry Christmas Little Elliot is a heartwarming story about two friends Elliot and Mouse. Elliot wasn’t really in the holiday spirit, so they went to go see Santa. Elliot asked Santa if he could give him the holiday spirit, but was told he would have to find it himself. He and Mouse went to a lot of places looking for the holiday spirit, but it was nowhere to be found. While sitting on a park bench, the wind blew a letter right onto Elliot’s face. It was a letter to Santa. They quickly rushed back, but Santa was gone. Elliot takes matters into his own hands. He reads the letter and sets out to make this right. The ending was so endearing that the kiddo’s had tears pooling in their eyes. The artwork is colorful, appealing and kids can make out the plot just from the pictures. It’s a very touching story that personifies the spirit of Christmas.

Don’t Shake The Present

Don't Shake The Present

Don’t Shake the Present is a charming holiday story for toddlers. It’s about a loveable purple monster named Larry and he really wants to see what is inside the box. It’s an interactive that teaches preschoolers about movements and directions. Shake, Up, Down, Side to Side, Big, Shrink, Pull and Flip. Guess what was in the box? It’s a cute holiday book that small children will enjoy.

A Guinea Pig Nutcracker

A Guinea Pig Nutcracker storybook

The Guinea Pig Nutcracker is an adorable book that introduces young children to the ballet. The opening of the book sets the stage as if you are in the audience. You can almost envision violins and other instruments warming up. Each page depicts scenes from the ballet, but with beloved guinea pigs. Clara never looked so elegant and furry. The back of the book has a list of all the guinea pig performers like a real program would feature. There is also a touching message at the end of the book that sharing your love and a home to some abandoned animals. Children will love this book.

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