Magic of Disney & Pixar Books

Disney is one of the most well-loved iconic brands in the world. For some, it’s Disneyland with its rides, slides, and parades. For others, it’s the enchanting and endearing characters Disney has created over the years. Our families have become deeply fond of these captivating characters and we invest in every new movie release. And our collection of these mesmerizing movies grows each year. We buy Disney trinkets, clothing and other paraphernalia and we may even decorate our kid’s rooms with their favorite characters. We essence, we love and adore Disney!

We also stock our family library with ‘once upon a time‘ Disney storybooks that spark our imagination, stir our hearts and bring magic to the moment. DK Books has several Disney books that are packed with fun facts about our favorite heroes, monsters and beloved characters. Here are two Disney books that would make a great addition to any family library.

Disney Pixar Character Encyclopedia New Edition

Disney Pixar Character Encyclopedia New Edition

The Disney Pixar Character Encyclopedia features more than 290 best-loved characters from 21 different movies. This version has been updated and expanded to include more movies with their captivating characters. From Buzz Lightyear to Dim the rhinoceros beetle to Jaques the lobster from Nemo to Luigi from Cars to Bo Peep from Toy Story, kids will enjoy this fact-filled guide to all their favorite characters.

Each character is highlighted with colorful images, interesting facts and notable attributes. One feature called ‘Did You Know‘ shares true facts that kids might not be aware of. For instance, in the movie Finding Nemo, a beluga whale named Bailey is one of the charming characters. But, did you know that beluga send out a fast-clicking sound through their bulbous heads? The echoes that bounce back give the whales a picture of everything around them.

Ever wonder what type of car Mama Topolino is? Or were you aware that the colorful bird in UP named Kevin is actually a female? Or how about those villains? Want to know more about Syndrome from The Incredibles or Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo or Chef Skinner from Ratatouille? Or maybe you have a favorite Disney movie and just absorb yourself in its content. It’s all here in the Disney Pixar Character Encyclopedia.

Disney Ideas Book

 Disney Ideas Book

The Disney Ideas Book will inspire kids to enjoy crafting with their favorite Disney characters. The book is divided into five sections, Make-Believe, Games, Art, Activities, and Crafts. Each section has numerous projects where kids can learn a skill and create an awesome craft. Or if your kids have a favorite Disney character or movie, turn to the Find Your Favorite page and search to see if they are included. Some of the characters include Merida from Brave and Miguel from Coco. Some of the movies featured are Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, Pinnochio, and The Little Mermaid.

With more than 100 different enchanted Disney projects, kids will find something fun to make. The onset of the book shares what supplies you will need, along with safety cautions and how-to tips. In the Make-Believe section kids can make cardboard costumes, felt animal masks, or shark caps. In the Games section, kids can play new games like Dogcatcher, Tigger Races, and a Memory game. Or if your kids are more artistic, they may enjoy making Mickey String Decorations, Papel Picado, Stained Glass Windows or Balloon Faces in the Art Section of the book. In the Activities section, kids can make Grass-Hair Trolls, Fairy-tale Castles or Pixie-Dust Lip Gloss. The Craft section will have kids making Olaf Sock Toys, Charm Bracelets and Monster Pom-Poms to name a few. There’s just so much to do!

Each activity is featured with colorful images and illustrations, a list of materials needed, clear instructions and a Top Tip. This enchanting book extends the magic of Disney and Pixar and will allow kids to step into their favorite movies. Kids will be entertained for hours and hours! Perfect for parties, rainy days or just good old family time.

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own.