Magical Trees

Ever feel happy just being around a tree? Does your heart swell when you’re in the forest or national park surrounded by these wooden giants? Do you take in deep breaths and enjoy their earthy fragrances? The smell of trees is pleasing and evokes a heart connection to all of nature.

Trees are healers. They provide oxygen so we can breathe clean purified air and absorb carbon dioxide and other toxic pollutants. They provide a home and shelter for birds, insects, wildlife, endangered species, other plants like moss and lichens, people, and even fairies. They provide food by bearing nuts, berries and fruits for man and animal. They also provide shade and beauty to any neighborhood. Because trees give so much, we must love, care for and respect these treasured sentient beings whom we share the planet with us.

But, did you know that trees are also trusted advisors, filled with ancient wisdom if we are open enough to hear their messages? They can live for hundreds and thousands of years so they have much to share and we have much to learn from them. There are some that can speak with trees, like the author of Magical Trees, a Guidebook For Finding The Magic in Everyday Trees Using Crystals, Spells, Essential Oils and Rituals.

Magical Trees

The Magical Tree will assist those wanting to connect with tree consciousness and understand the beautiful depths of their beloved souls. You will also learn how to spiritual tools like oils and crystals to enhance the tree’s message as you bond with and build a lifetime friendship with them. Open your minds and hearts and allow the trees to assist you in expanding your awareness and joy in life!

  • What Are Magical Trees?
  • Sacred Trees in History, Religion, and Mythology
  • The Oldest Trees in the World
  • The Sacred Trees of the Celts
  • Ogham, the Mysterious Celtic Alphabet
  • Magical Trees A-B
  • Magical Trees C-F
  • Magical Trees G-M
  • Magical Trees N-Y
  • From Tree to Table
  • Special Gifts from Trees to Us
  • Giving Back and Saving Ourselves and our Magical Trees

Embark on a nature-inspired journey where you will learn how to find and reveal the magic of trees and explore how you can use their magical power in your life and that of your community. Gleen insight into some tree history, and explore sacred aspects of trees from Norse, Celtic, Germanic, and American Indian lore, medicine, and beliefs.

Man ancient sacred trees were divided into three worlds: The Upper World, The Middle World, and The Lower World!

You will also learn about working with trees, tree spirits, how to read a tree and how to tap into their magic and special powers, how to approach a tree, and much more. As you leaf through the pages, you’ll read about specific trees and what they symbolize. Plus you’ll learn about essential oils, crystals, magic, notable associations, medicine, caution, and some practical uses for each tree. You may even find a spell you can use for a specific purpose. Want to make a love spell? To attract lasting love, use the cherry tree magic to bring true love. Rose quartz brings the vibration of love to the spell. Are you interested in attracting abundance? You’ll be overjoyed to learn that there is a Prosperity Ritual that you can perform with a specific tree and crystal!!

The back of the book has mouth-watering recipes like Almond Roca, Baobab Banada Bread, Coffee-Infused Brownies, Mulberry Pie, Pine Needle Tea, and more. Magical Trees is a beautiful book for those seeking to connect with nature and benefit from her powers.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.