Make Your Own Rules Cookbook

If I said the work diet, most of us would envision deprivation, starvation, and a lack of yummy tasting foods. Well, eating healthy and delicious foods does not require an ultimatum, as my new book Make Your Own Rules Cookbook reveals. You can have both!



  1. my food rules
  2. get your kitchen groove on
  3. beverages, blend it, juice it, shake it
  4. breakfast, morning magic
  5. snacks, munchy madness
  6. soups, slurp it
  7. salads, fork it
  8. sandwiches & wraps, grab it
  9. sides, small plates
  10. mains, perfect plates
  11. dessert, indulge it

With so many eating philosophies floating around, it can be overwhelmingly difficult when making diet choices. Don’t eat this, avoid combining this with that, reduce carbs, ditch the fats, tofu’s bad for you, salt is a no-no, and so on. Make Your Own Rules is about mindful eating. Its pages allow us the freedom to break free from the labels, judgments, restrictions, and stresses of having to eat a certain way, letting go of the binge-and-purge, punishment-and-reward, and diet-and-fail cycles. This bondage gets old after a while, and we end up making bad choices and being nutrient deficient.

It’s important for us to learn how to tap into and listen to our body, so we discern what it needs to thrive. We all know that junk and processed foods are not going to make us glow, so we need a mindset change. This cookbook will show us how to eat foods that make us happy, but with a healthy vibe to them. Strumming through the pages, you’ll be inspired to get back in the kitchen and test drive a few of these creative recipes.

Chapter 1 sets the tone for the book and explains the rules. Chapter 2 gets your kitchen green ready by tossing out toxic laden cookware which permeates your foods. Green cookware gives you peace of mind and healthy meals. Chapter 3 onwards introduces you to more than 100 recipes inspired by the author’s friends and family around the world. Some of them are overly simple, but many people don’t know what a healthy meal entails, so it’s educational. Let the deliciousness begin!

The Coconut Parfait is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. The recipe calls for 8 hrs of refrigeration time so the chia seeds can thicken into pudding. You can add other fruit slices or some soaked nuts or seeds for more texture. This is my kind of meal, it’s refreshing, packed with nutrients, lightweight, and will give you energy for hours.

The Tofu Tower Toast was born from ordering side dishes and combining them to make a fabulous and filling sandwich. That’s the idea here; get your hands on a few of your favorite foods and create your own dish. If you don’t like tofu, substitute it for a mushroom burger, or a nut patty. Go for it!

This book will point you in the right direction and set you on the path for healthy and delish meals. Once you play around with nutritious ingredients and see who wonderful they taste, you’ll be eager to eat more. I’m delighted to have this cookbook as part of my culinary collection.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.