Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

Being a vegan, to me eating healthy means including a variety of organic fruits, veggies, greens, nuts and Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Heartsseeds. I also like to supplement my diet with superfoods like whole food powders and hemp hearts.

Manitoba Harvest carries a nice selection of hemp products and I got to try their Organic Hemp Hearts. Hemp hearts are vegan-friendly and concentrated with protein, EFA’s, vitamins, enzymes, and all 20 amino acids including the 10 essentials. In a hemp shell, they are Mother Nature’s superfood. Some of the benefits of eating hemp are lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increased energy, migraines, menopause, weight loss, and many, many more.

Hemp hearts do not need to be ground up, they can be eaten just as they are. They have a delicious nutty flavor that would taste great on any food. We like to put them on my cereal, in smoothies, on salads, lightly steamed veggies, and I even sprinkle them on fruit. My mom has added the hemp hearts to her biscuits and they add a nice texture and a lovely flavor to them. You simply add them to your favorite recipe.

Check out the other hemp products on hand at Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods and Oils. Hemp is available as hemp oil, hemp butter, hemp milk and hemp powder. Manitoba Harvest also offers several recipes for those looking for new culinary creations. The Vegetarian Blueberry Hemp Cheese Cake sounds and looks divine. We love the hemp hearts and feel they are a great addition to our diet.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.