March Spring Break & Play-Doh

Spring break is a nice time of the year when you can take that well-deserved rest from school and perhaps work too. During these few weeks, it’s still not really great weather and there are not a lot of outdoor activities to do. This means lots of time indoors and the need to keep the kids entertained.

Hasbro has oodles and oodles of products for all ages. They will have the freedom to use their imagination and creative skills to form, forge or fabricate lots of projects. Play-Doh is just one of those products that kids and parents cannot get enough of.

Double Desserts Sweet Shoppe Playset

Kids love to help out in the kitchen and Play-doh knows this. So, they created a perfect way for kids to create their own desserts, with the Double Desserts Sweet Shoppe Playset. Craving ice cream or cake with lots of icing? This cute little set will serve up desserts and snacks to satisfy your creative sweet tooth. The sweet kit includes a playset base, 2 cans of Play-Doh Plus compound, an oven with a top, 3 different molds, 2-piece extruder, server, scoop, roller, 2 plates, and an instruction sheet.

We had lots of giggles making silly colored tasty looking treats. The Play-doh in this set is super soft, so it’s easy to manipulate into various shapes. You will get pink, yellow, blue and green. We also mixed two colors together to come up with our own designer colors. You just can’t stop creative kids! It’s so effortless to use, you select a mold, there is one bundt cake mold and few cupcake molds. Inside the base of the oven, there are three different built-in molds to make cookies, pies and a chocolate twist. Once you select your mold, fill it with any colored Play-doh and put in the oven. Press firmly and when you hear the ding, the baking time is over and it’s time to come out. You will have to remove the cake mold with a spatula and remove the edges. Now you are ready to decorate with Play-doh plus.

There are lots of extra molds on the set itself; they are on the base, the sides and the very top of the oven. Wow, so many options, hearts, flowers, strawberries, and even pretzels! We love the gingerbread man and the cute little gummy bear. What a wonderful playset, we really enjoyed playing with it. For ages 3+. Fun to play with, but not to eat.

Disclosure: I was sent product for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.