Marie Diamond Magical 2021 Feng Shui Course

I think most of us have heard about Feng shui. Some of you may have implemented certain aspects of it in your home in order to attract good health and fortune. I heard about Feng shui years ago, but never embraced it or attempted to learn more. I always thought it was more about interior design where moving certain pieces of furniture or painting a wall a certain color would facilitate better energy flow in your home. Plus, I wasn’t really convinced or sure I believed that it would or could make a difference in our lives. I heard some people say it works and others chimed in that it made no difference in their lives. So, I wasn’t really inspired to dive into this modality.

I am, however, a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. If you ask the Universe for help in any area of your life or your life in general, it’s up to us to see the clues and signs that show up. That is what happened to me. My life has felt stagnant and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, so I asked the Universe for help. I started seeing Marie Diamond Feng Shui information everywhere I looked… social media – Facebook, Instagram, Google, and I think I even got an email about her. It finally dawned on me that I couldn’t possibly be seeing so much about this specific Feng shui information without a valid reason. The Universe answered, I listened, reached out, and embarked on the Marie Diamond Magical 2021 Feng Shui Course.

Are You Ready To Re-Direct Your Destiny?

You’ll find lots of Feng shui courses online where they teach the art of placing or arranging things auspiciously in your home or office. What makes Marie Diamond’s course more impactful and supercharged is that it incorporates the Law of Attraction and Marie’s own unique Diamond Method.

You may know about Marie Diamond and recognize her from her appearance in the epic film, ‘The Secret’. Marie is a well-known transformational and motivational speaker, teacher and author. She users her astounding knowledge of Quantum physics, Energy, the Law of Attraction, and Feng shui to help transform people’s lives in all areas. And, she has helped some of the biggest names bring Feng shui into their lives successfully.

When I started the course, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, I was so pleasantly surprised that Marie walked us through every step of the course through videos. I didn’t have to thumb through volumes and volumes of paper trying to figure out each step. So, I felt I absorbed the information a lot faster and easier.

You Cannot Create Harmony If You Yourself Are In Chaos!

The Magical 2021 Course includes 4 Sessions, a Bonus Session, Bonus Meditation, and special 2021 downloads – Magical 2021 E-book, Keywords for 2021, and a Magical 2021 Vision Board. You will also have access to Marie Diamond’s App and a private Facebook Page where you can ask questions and/or glean some insight.

This course can help you plan and program 2021 so it’s a very successful year. If your life is not abundant in all areas, then you need to look at your environment and make some changes by applying specific Feng shui principles and rules.

I will mention that the first video makes reference to a Master Class, but it was not included in the course. So, some parts I found confusing and a little lost. However, Marie released it a short time later and I was able to watch it and fill in the voids. It helped and I hope next year it’s included with the course.

Here is what they will cover in this program:

*2021 Global predictions for Politics, Economics, Finances and Society
*2021 Activations and cures for Abundance, Romance, Health and Wisdom
*2021 Yearly Predictions according to your energy number
*2021 Predictions according to your Chinese Astrology Sign

The Feng Shui 2021 Online Program includes:

*5 sessions that you can watch on-demand in your online library
*Your Feng Shui 2021 E-book
*Your Feng Shui 2021 Energy Plan in pdf

Each year has a different sign, and 2020 was the year of the Rat where we experienced a global crisis. It was an underground year where we couldn’t see any outward transformation, but many started some inner transformations. I know all of us are glad 2020 is over. 2021 is the year of the Golden Ox which symbolizes diligence, persistence, and honesty. We’ve come above ground now and most of us are working hard toward our own personal transformations.

The onset of the course shares how to write our goals for the year, how to make a letting-go list, how to consciously work on our Vision Boards, and discloses Energy Number tendencies. You’ll also learn about 2021 predictions and how we can implement them into our goals. You’ll also glean insight on journaling, visualization, and how cluttered spaces need to be cleared for the LOA or heavenly energies to work. Importantly, you will learn how to change and redirect the energy of a room or your whole house so that you experience abundance in all areas of your life.

But, before you can effectively use the guidance in this course, you will need to know your Energy Number. This number is based on your birthday and you can discover your personal energy number HERE. This number is not the same as your Life Path number. Both my Energy and Life Path numbers just happen to be an 8.

Once you have your energy number, you can upload Marie Diamond’s app that has a built-in compass. This compass reveals our directions for Wisdom, Health, Relations, and Success. Plus, you can also read about your Archetype.

Reflective of your Energy number, the course will teach you which compass directions are more favorable for your Success, Health, Wisdom, and Relationships. It’s in these specific directions that you would write your goals on your Vision Board. A PDF image of the vision board comes with the course so you can create it as large as you want. I went to Staples and created one that is 24 x 18 inches and attached it to a foam board. The spaces of each direction have ample room to add your goals.

You’ll also notice that each direction on the Vision Board has a specific color for 2021. These colors will change each year, but your Energy Number will always stay the same. That number is yours for a lifetime.

As I created my Vision Board, it was very evident that the steps I took were more than rote actions. I was mindfully planning my future, so I was conscious about what I put in each direction. This included goals, images, symbols, colors, or whatever felt right to me. The only drawback was adding the tangible items to my 3D vision board – my home. Some items I ordered online still haven’t arrived. The good news is, you can use images from the ebook on your Vision Board.

Also important is where to hang your finished vision board… which room… in which direction. While you may naturally want to hang your board in your Success direction, sometimes that may not be possible depending on your home layout. Plus, each year will have a more favorable direction for each Energy Number as well. All of these significant factors influence your subconscious mind. So, being mindful of these suggestions and taking action will ultimately amplify your levels of prosperity in all areas of your life. And that is our focus, right? There are so many options where you can fine-tune any aspect of your Vision Board to fit with your vision and uniqueness.

The Magical 2021 E-book contained all the information I needed, and the videos shared how I can go deeper and apply it. I really enjoyed this course and all the fun steps. It was a journey that allowed me to direct my future with more precision than any other year so far.

Have I manifested anything? My board has been completely finished for a few weeks now and I’ve experienced a few small changes already. I enjoyed the process of creating a meaningful and prosperous future in all of my four directions. And, I’m eager to see how it plays out. While it’s mid-year, it’s never too late to make a Vision Board and let the Universe know what you want in life right now. If you are ready for a change in your life, then perhaps this course is for you.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.