Mary Poppins Storybooks

Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious! Mary Poppins has returned! In 1964, Julie Andrews immortalized the most popular nanny in the world, Mary Poppins. The original movie has entertained millions of people for over 50 years, and now the iconic character is back with more magic, music and a little mayhem.

Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns is a fresh new sequel to the original version, but it still retains the same magical and childlike innocence. The movie is set to be released in theaters on December 19, 2018, and everyone is pumped and excited to see this adventurous governess, played by Emily Blunt, in action. In harmony with this enchanting movie release, a new Mary Poppins book has been created as a literary companion. Plus, we’re also revisiting older versions of this beloved eponymous nanny.

Mary Poppin Returns

Mary Poppin Returns

Mary Poppin Returns, The Magic of Mary Poppin’s new book captures scenes taken from the coming movie release. The scene is set in 1930s London and Mary Poppin has returned to the Bank’s family home at 17 Cherry Tree Lane, after a tragedy. In the book, view her arriving at the Banks home and meeting the next generation of kids, George, Annabel, and John. She literally floats down from the clouds on Georgie’s kite with her parrot umbrella.

Of course, the kids don’t think they need a babysitter but soon discover that Mary is no ordinary nanny. She sprinkles her magic in the most unusual way and it the most fantastic places. There are also some cool animated characters that come to life in the movie and are portrayed in the book. It’s a great book and will give you a sneak peek into the new movie. Available on Amazon.

Mary Poppins (picture book)

Mary Poppin Picture Book

The Mary Poppins picture book is filled with colorful and whimsical illustrations that tell the story on their own. This version is simplified for younger readers, ages 4 – 7, so they can read the story out loud and be part of the experience.

Readers will see Mary arrive on a windy day, yet she’s as neat as pin. Watch her slide up the banister and unpack her carpetbag. It’s inconceivable all the things that come out of his otherwise normal travel case. Mary takes the kids to visit her Uncle Wiggs and they all have tea on the ceiling. They visit a mysterious shop adorned with paper art and filled with delicious dark cakes. Then they take a trip to the zoo at night because Michael wanted to see elephants. Told in lyrical format, kids will enjoy reading this story over and over. Secret code: Dancing Cows. Available on Amazon.

Mary Poppins (gift edition)

Mary Poppin Gift Version Book

The Mary Poppins gift edition is a beautiful silver foil hardcover book with a peek-a-boo window portraying the infamous nanny. This classic novel comes to live among full-color illustrations and easy to read content with a nice big font. It has the feel of an old-school London storybook that beckons to be read on a rainy day. The book is broken down into twelve entrancing chapters, so kids could read a chapter each night before bed. The anticipation of the next chapter will compel them to finish the book. It’s the perfect version for Mary Poppin fans and collectors. Available on Amazon.

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