Master Lock ~ WORD Computer Lock Review

The joyous day is upon us! The start of a new school year. It means glee for most parents and dread for most kids. Yes, it’s Back to School time and we’re jumping for joy. I’m sure all moms and kids have most of the supplies required to meet the school term head-on. But, in this day and age have we considered security locks for our kids?

Kids are way more tech-savvy these days and some of them take their laptops to school with them. This is always a concern for us parents who don’t want anything to happen to this expensive piece of electronic equipment.

Master Lock has the perfect lock that will put parents and students at ease. The 2120D Resettable Combination Computer Lock will easily secure your computer/laptop device in any location. It’s a word Master Lock combination lock for bikecombination lock. Instead of numbers, you choose any combination of letters to spell a word or code. There are over 10,000 possible combinations. This lock has a contrasting vivid red viewing window so it’s very easy to read the letters. The letters turn nice and smooth and you can get your combo word quite quickly.

The lock has a very strong self-coiling cable that has a lot of stretch to it. You can lock your computer to a stable object anywhere from 3 inches to 6 feet. You will want to find a secure solid object that is not portable to attach your computer too. The lock has a loop at one end and the combination at the other end. You take the loop end and wrap the cable around your secure object (eg. built-in desk) and then you put the combination lock end through the loop creating a slip knot. Then you put the combination end into your computer’s lock slot. Make sure there is not a lot of play there if there is use the washers provided. This lock means business, it won’t budge, it’s tight, strong and your computer is not going anywhere.

In school there a multitude of places a laptop could be secured to if necessary. We like to take a laptop with us when we travel. When we left our vehicle we secured the laptop to a leg of one of your front seats. In the hotel, we secured the laptop to the coat rack frame. The Word Combination lock would be great for work or even your home. We really liked how well it worked and feel more at ease when the kids take their laptops to school. Check out their site for a vast selection of locks to use at home, work, school, and your backyard.

Disclaimer: I received the Word Combination Lock for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.