Medical Medium Liver Rescue

It should be no surprise to us that millions are getting seriously ill because of our unhealthy lifestyles, poor air quality and the low-quality foods being ingested. Fast foods, prepackaged foods, junk food, GMO foods, microwaved foods, high-fat and high-sugar foods have created an epidemic of chronic and mysterious illnesses. They’re at an all-time high and the medical industry is perplexed and has confessed there is no known cure for _____, fill in the blank.

Many of us who are dealing with various health conditions and have been to doctor after doctor in search for advice and a cure. Some have lost hope. But, there is help through the Medical Medium. Through Source, he is able to discern how we are able to heal our bodies through proper nutrition and it’s all laid out in his new book Liver Rescue.

Medical Medium Liver Rescue

Medical Medium Liver Rescue book

I just want to start off by saying that there is a vast amount of information within the covers of this book. Life changing information that is going to make a huge impact on your life. It can seem a little overwhelming, but it’s recommended you start at the beginning and absorb the content at your own pace. You’ll probably want to read it over and over to glean all this valuable information. It would be impossible for me to share all the benefits, so I’ll just touch on some information I found eye-opening.

Liver Rescue focuses on the liver. This vital organ has many necessary functions, it filters and cleans the blood, produces vitamin K for clotting, produces bile, store and releases glucose, plus breaks down and metabolizes old and damaged cells. It also breaks down fat and generates energy and so much more. Knowing this, we should do our best to keep this organ as healthy as possible.

Liver Rescue is divided into four parts:

* Your Liver’s True Calling: Miracle Peacekeeper
* The Unseen Storm: What’s Happening Inside Our Livers
* The Call to Battle: More Symptoms & Conditions Enlightened
* Liver Salvation: How to Care for Your Liver and Transform Your Life

The first section covers what functions your liver performs, how it processes fat, releases and stores glycogen, stores minerals and vitamins, disarms harmful materials, filters and purifies the blood and guards you with its own immune system. As you pour over this section, you’ll be aghast at how little you know about the liver. The amount of fat we eat in a single meal can overwhelm our liver. Learning about which fats are best for our bodies will assist our liver in doing its job optimally.

The liver is clever. When it’s reached its threshold, it will pass on some functions to other organs. This is reflective on which color code state your body is in. There is Code Green – 15% or less fat from healthy sources. Code Yellow is when someone’s diet consists of 15% or less fat, but some sources are from unproductive sources. The Code Orange diet consists of 15 – 30% fat from healthy sources. CodeOrange Plus is a diet of 15 – 30% fat from unproductive sources. Code Red is a diet with 30 – 40% fat from healthy sources and Code Red Plus is 30% or more fat from bad sources. Where do you fall?

The second section dives into the struggles our livers endure and discusses symptoms of a sluggish liver. There are five varieties of a sluggish liver and depending on its location in the liver will determine the symptoms you experience. Example: Top of the Liver — poor digestion, acid reflux, bloating, irritability, frustration, sore tongue, canker sores and several more. Liver Rescue will help you interpret what your liver is trying to tell you and how to repair it. Got dark circles under your eyes, varicose veins or gout? You’ll want to read about Dirty Blood Syndrome. This section also covers a Fatty Liver, Weight Gain, Mystery Hunger and Aging.

The third section jumps right into health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, adrenal problems, eczema & psoriasis, acne, SIBO, brain fog, and liver cancer to name a few. It discusses what each condition is, how the liver is involved in its existence and what steps you need to take to repair your liver and health.

The last section is going to guide you through the process of restoring and cleansing your liver. Myths will be debunked and hybrid diets trends will be put on trial. Chapter 36, Liver Troublemakers is eye-opening. You’ll discover all the products and chemicals that are taxing to the liver. These tenacious troublemakers are broken into several groups with each one filled with a deluge of nasty chemicals and toxins You may not realize how harmful certain everyday products are demanding on your liver. These include conventional laundry detergent, nail polish, hair dye, prescription medications, MSG, fuels, caffeine, mold and the list goes on.

Awareness of what harms your liver is the beginning, taking steps to rectify the situation is key. This is where Chapter 37 is going to step in and offer what powerful foods, herbs and supplements you can include in your diet to restore your liver. Each food, supplement and vitamin suggested share how they can assist in healing the liver and ultimately your body. Included is a list of supplements – name and dosage – to take for everyday liver health and maintenance. It also includes what to take if you have a specific health concern like Adrenal Problems, all Types of Diabetes, Gout, IBS, Liver Worms and Parasites, Weight Gain and so, so much more.

The last part of the books offers a bunch of delicious recipes. I’ve made a few of them, Roasted Veggie Pasta and Chickpea Quiche, and they are scrumptious. They’re easy and quick to make and more importantly, they fill your body with healthy foods that heal the liver. This is a book that every home should have. It will educate you and guide you to vibrant health. It’s available on and

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.