Meditation Beyond the Om: Five Non-Traditional Ways to Clear Your Mind

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In this fast-paced age, it seems like we make time for everything but relaxation. Chasing paper and our ambitions can often leave us feeling tired, demotivated, and very stressed. The worst part is, you don’t really notice the consequences of such a lifestyle until you’re too mentally and physically drained to move. We’re not robots, and we’re not made to work 24/7 which is why you need to make time to let yourself breathe. There are many ways to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body, and meditation certainly is one of them.

In fact, it seems that meditation is the first thing people recommend to those who have busy and demanding schedules. Though this activity can be extremely relaxing, can teach you how to control your mind, and will definitely help you let go of the tension- it isn’t for everyone. Some don’t find it interesting, others lack and focus, and the rest would simply like to explore other options.

Alternative ways of relaxation do exist, you just have to be a little more creative. You can find the om without meditation if you experiment with different activities. This is the only way to know what actually fits you as a person and the only way to find the inner peace you’ve been looking for. So, buckle up and get ready to explore different, alternative ways of relaxation which will improve your life by a landslide.

1. Write a Note

Have you noticed how much better you tend to feel when you let your emotions out? How do you let out these complex feelings you’re dealing with, though? Talking to someone feels like you’re just bothering them or it just makes you think in circles. Besides, who knows if they’ll even understand. Spoken words are forgotten after a while, anyway, and you don’t have the impression you’ve actually let anything out.

Writing, though, is permanent. You should take some paper and manually write down everything that’s been troubling your mind. With every written letter, you’ll feel lighter and more relaxed as the bad thoughts leave your mind for good. Once you’re done, take a lighter and burn the letter. Thus, the negative emotions and thoughts are physically gone and have no way of bothering you again.

You can do this on a weekly basis if you’re having a very stressful period, but it’s generally enough to do it every few months when the bad feelings start to accumulate. In some cases, burning the note doesn’t help. Instead, you can read over what you wrote to remind yourself that it’s not in your head anymore. It’s out and it’s the paper’s problem right now, so you don’t have to think about it again.

2. Start a garden

Taking care of a garden is a very mind-freeing activity. You get to cultivate beautiful and fragrant plants, be among nature, and work your troubles away. Even though most don’t see it, gardening is very physically demanding, as it implies working with your hands, bending, being in the sun, weeding, pulling, watering, and anything else you can think of.

Of course, while gardening, you won’t even notice how tired you’re getting until you settle in for the night. This means that you’ll work through the stress and negative emotions and only notice how lighter your step is now that they’re gone. You’ll also spend the whole day among nature, creating and tending to an ecosystem that’s more beautiful than anything you’ve ever made with your hands before.

If you want to take gardening a step further, you should open up your garden gate to nature’s critters. Having birds, hedgehogs, and even toads can be very calming and exciting. They will remind you how beautiful life is and reset your mind in the best way. To attract these creatures, you’ll just have to introduce a birdhouse, toad house, and a stack of logs. Then sit back and let your eyes rest on the colorful feathers and focus your ears on the calming croaking in the distance.

3. Let music overtake you

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If there’s something that makes us human, it’s music. Regardless of where you come from and what language you speak, music is the common thread we all share. It’s the divine influence you need in your life to clear your mind and relax on a whole new level. Whatever type of music you choose, you’re bound to set your mind free.

Soft jazz could be playing in the background, and you can sit on the couch and just melt into a calming wave of serene music. You could play something that pumps you up and gets you moving, thus letting go of the negative energy through rhythm and dance.

Cry your eyes out to the saddest songs you know and feel cathartic relief as your mind once again returns to the clear and calm place it missed for so long. You can make your own party with music at home and dance your heart out or cry your eyes out, or do anything in between. We all enjoy music in different ways, and there’s nothing stopping you from discovering what way works for you best. The sure thing is that you’re going to have some well-deserved fun followed by rest.

4. Being in nature

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No matter how much you love living in the city, you don’t even realize what a negative effect the concrete jungle can have on your mental health. We have steered away from nature and we need to find our way back to it if we plan on living a healthy and fulfilled life. Nature’s scenic views, fresh air, and calming sounds have the power to relax us better than anything the city can offer. While you let Mother Nature work on your brain, you also need to get your body moving, so the effect can be complete.

Physical activity makes you sweat, prompts the production of happy chemicals, and leaves you much happier and more energized than before. As well as that, it helps your muscles get rid of the tension they’ve been holding. Taking a hike through the surrounding hills can be just the activity you need to reset your body and mind. If you don’t like walking, you can always take up cycling. Bikes exercise your whole body, make you get around more quickly, and let you enjoy the wind in your hair and amazing views as you ride along.
If you want to slow down and fully enjoy the scene of the forest or meadow, you can use a high-powered electric bike. These bikes are also good for beginners as they allow them to take a break from pedaling and enjoy the moment. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to fall in love with the natural world around them, reach their Zen, and come home feeling better than they have in a long while.

5. Express yourself with art

When you’re working all the time, you’re bound to have some pent up creative energy. The best thing you can do for yourself is to just let it all out. Whether you enjoy painting, knitting, crocheting, cooking, writing, or singing, immerse yourself in the hobby and let your brain and heart run free.
Draw, paint, write, compose music, cook and bake for your friends and family, or do anything in between. You don’t even realize how much you miss these things until you start doing them again. Even if you’re not very artistically talented, who cares?
Art helps you focus on beautiful things, makes you see the little things in life, and helps your brain relax in the best way. Those who haven’t been close to art in years can start by going to museums and art galleries. You can also take up a new hobby or simply purchase an adult coloring book. Whatever creative outlet you choose, you’re bound to enjoy it to the max.


These five tips should help you get started on your new life, empty of stress and frustration. Remember that, regardless of how hardworking you are, you still have the right to rest and rejuvenate. A busy schedule may be fulfilling at first, but soon enough, it’s going to feel like a loop you can’t get out of. Break the cycle by implementing relaxation rituals to your routine, and watch yourself grow and stand tall as the pressure of stress and perfection lifts off your shoulders. You can’t avoid negative feelings, but you can find healthy outlets that let you shake them off. We’re confident that these ways will help you grow, relax, and be even more productive and amazing than you already are.

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