Memory Journals & Sweet Pea Notes

When we think of gifts for our moms or the mother figures in our lives, we will first ponder thoughtfully. We don’t want to give them just anything, but rather something that is meaningful and perhaps more practical than ornamental. Flowers and chocolates are always nice, but this year how about giving something more memorable. I recently came across some stunning memory journals, and I think they would stir any heart and be an ideal Mother’s Day gifts.

A Mother’s Memory Journal

A Mother's Memory Journal

The Mother’s Memory Journal is gracefully decorated with delicate flowers that have a soft rose hue. All the pages are framed with soft hues and are accessorized with a variety of beautiful flowers. Inside your mom can record information about herself and her family. The journal is divided into several sections and starts with mom’s childhood. There is ample room to jot fond memories, some history or add some photos or sentimental keepsakes from her youth. The second section is called Starting a Family that includes a fold-out family tree.

The third section is called Bringing Me Up, which is all about you, the gifter of this precious book. The next section covers the Teenage Years, which is followed by Being a Mother, Being You and the last section is called Future Generations. The back cover has a pocket for souvenirs, mementos, tokens or something special. This journal will be a treasured keepsake where moms can continually add information and to look back on fondly many years later.

A Grandmother’s Memory Journal

A Grandmother's Memory Journal

We can’t forget grandmother on Mother’s Day. The Grandmother’s Memory Journal is embellished with white flowers, bees, butterflies and dragonflies. It’s basically the same as the Mother’s Journal but is divided into several different sections, Your Youth, Becoming an Adult – which includes a family tree fold-out page, Becoming a Grandmother, Changing Times and lastly A Grandmother’s Wisdom. All the pages have soft hues and are decorated with pretty flowers, busy bugs or fruit. Grandmas will love and deeply appreciate this journal!

Cut Flower Garden Sweet Pea Notes

Cut Flower Garden Sweet Pea Notes

Sending thoughtful or thank you notes has not gone out of style. The Cut Flower Garden Sweet Pea Notes offers 20 elegant notes with envelopes. There are 10 patterns of two each that ennoble the graceful sweet pea flower. The images are so lush and vibrant, you can almost smell the flowers. They are the perfect all-occasion note cards to have handy for those special moments.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.