Meowijuana 100% Organic Catnip

We’ve all been entertained by the amusing effects and behavioral changes catnip has on our fussy felines. They get all spazzed out, wide-eyed, and rip around the house to being mellow, laid back, and zoned out in complete euphoria. But, what exactly is catnip and is it harmful and addictive.

The catnip plant —Nepeta cataria, also called catmint and catswort —is a pretty white flower with tiny purple dots and heart-shaped leaves from the mint family. The active ingredient nepetalactone is what triggers cats to react comically or spaced out. Cats of all kinds are attracted to this harmless, non-toxic and non-addictive aromatic herb. Some obvious benefits include stimulation, relaxation, stress release, and entertainment. Catnip is also effective on feline flatulence and digestive issues and it can also be used as a tool to train cats to use a scratching post and sleep in their own pet bed. Who knew!! Importantly, it makes cats happy!


Catnip has also been added to toys and packaged as a cat treat. But, not all catnip on the market is equal though. Meowijuana is the purrrrveyor of 100% Organic Catnip as well as Cat Toys and Apparel. They are not kitten around, they have the highest quality, pet-safe, organic catnip you will find on the market today. It’s grown in Southern California and Washington State and not abroad where perhaps no regulations exist. Unless it says 100% organic, there is no guarantee you are giving your pets a safe catnip product. Meowijuana offers that guarantee and I feel confident giving their catnip to my precious furballs. They’ve also have won awards for their catnip products at last year’s Pet Expo – that’s impressive.

My four cats mean a lot to me so I give them the best. I only feed them the best organic raw and freeze-dried foods and they have organic toys to play with. But, organic catnip has always been hard to find in my area, so I was really thrilled to find Meowijuana and the variety of organic catnip products they offer.

Catnip Buds & Muslin Bags

The Meowijuana Catnip Buds are made from the finest and most fragrant Catnip Blossoms and are harvested at the peak of the plant’s essential oil production. The scent is quite strong when you open the container and I had a hard time keeping the cats away in order to take a photo. The buds come in various sizes, but you can either grind them up to create a fine texture or leave them whole.

I added a few whole buds to their small Muslin Bags and tied them tight so they won’t open, and the cats loved them. Despite the trauma of biting, kicking, licking, and mauling, the bags have stood up well.

Catnip Blunt 

The Catnip Blunt is a cigar-shaped toy that will get your cats all riled up. It comes with a paper wrapper just like a real cigar, but it’s jam-packed with Meowijuana’s high-grade catnip and made with 18.5 ounces of 100% hemp fabric, so it’s eco AND 420 friendly! This stubby stogie did not have a chance, my cats kicked, licked, and got a good stranglehold on it. Then they had a very long nap.

Catnip Spray

The Meowijuana Catnip Spray is 100% Organic and a very potent catnip oil. It’s made from the essential oils extracted from their awesome catnip buds and then mixed with purified water.

My cats have several organic mice toys that have long lost their old catnip essence. I sprayed them with the Catnip Spray and my cats went wild. I was surprised that it only took one spray and they were attacking the toys, so the bottle will last a long time.

Meowi-Waui – Primo kitty weed

You can spend hundreds of dollars on organic pet beds, but it’s no secret that cats love boxes of all shapes and sizes. I sprinkled a small amount of Meowi- Waui in a box I had around the house and my gorgeous Himalayan cat ChloeBear was snarfling around and getting comfy with the scent. She stayed there for several hours completely relaxed in her zen space.

I also sprinkled more Meowi- Waui on the floor and two of my cats ate it very quickly. We call it happy grass and it does indeed make my cats purrfectly happy and tranquil.

Catnibas – King Meowy J’s

The Catnibas -King Meowy J’s really do look like a joint, but they’re filled with organic catnip rolled up in Raw papers. They’re easy to tear open and have just the right dose and potency to keep your kitty in their happy place.

According to Meowijuana, you can give your cats catnip every second day. If they get it too often, they can become desensitized to it and won’t get the elated feelings associated with this herb. It’s also important to share that these products are for pet use only.

As pet parents, we will do anything to make our pets happy and comfortable. Having a selection of premium quality Meowijauna products around will keep your critters content and ecstatic! My cats love all of their products and being they are 100 % organic, I’m happy!

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate this post. All opinions are mine, yours may differ.