Mind Over Medicine

Throughout our entire lives, we’ve been told that when we get sick, only the medical industry can help us. They are the ‘chosen’ one’s who can diagnose and treat individuals with various treatments including surgery and Big Pharma. Alternative medicine, therapies, ideas, etc., are usually snuffed at by most physicians as ineffective, at least this was the case in the past. Today, more doctors are becoming open-minded and recognized that our bodies are intuitive and try to heal itself. With a combination of modern medical science, our doctors knowledge and our bodies innate ability to self-repair and self-heal, we have a phenomenal chance of recovering from any condition or disease.

Mind Over Medicine is an inspirational book that was written by a very enlightened and open-minded doctor. Author Lissa has proven through science, that our bodies know how to heal themselves. But, there’s more to it, her book goes even deeper into how we can heal our bodies. Our thoughts and emotions also play a huge role in the outcome of our prognosis. It’s a new age, and perhaps medical science will finally tap into it.

Mind Over Medicine

Part One: Believe Yourself Well
Ch 1. The Shocking Truth about Your Health Beliefs

Ch 2. The Surefire Way to Make Yourself Sick and Prevent Disease Remission
Ch 3. The Healing Factor That Can Make All the Difference

Part Two: Treat Your Mind
Ch 4. Redefining Health
Ch 5. Loneliness Poisons the Body
Ch 6. Death by Overwork
Ch 7. Happiness is Preventive Medicine
Ch 8. How to Counteract the Stress Response

Part Three: Write the Prescription
Ch. 9 Radical Self-Care
Ch 10. 6 Steps to Healing Yours

You’ll discover that you are not a victim of your genes, nor do you have to buy into many of the old school beliefs. A conglomeration of things can affect our bodies and start us on the path of ill health. Factors such as environment, employment,  nutrition, spirituality, and even our creativity can influence and cause an upheaval in our health. Emotions such as loneliness, fear, depression, and anxiety can seriously damage our bodies. We all have these issues but take heart, keys are given. An action plan with six specific steps are laid out clearly for readers to follow. Each step is easy enough but will require thought and commitment. How much you want to get healthy will determine the outcome.

Mind Over Medicine is a very well written book that’s full of hope, meaningful and proven solutions and it’s perforated with lighthearted humor. I love this book and would recommend it to anyone that is not living in homeostasis!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.