Mindful Eating Miraval Cookbook

What exactly is mindful eating? If you watch people in any restaurant, you’ll notice they take huge bites, chew very little, and eat very fast. One has to wonder if they even momentary tasted their food. Mindful eating is understanding hunger as opposed to feeding your emotions. Eating healthy foods when we’re truly hungry, feeds more than our stomachs. We feel a sense of balance in mind, body and spirit, and that is what my new cookbook, Mindful Eating is all about! Some people don’t know where to start when it comes to healthy eating; this book will be your guide to a world of nutritious and delicious cuisine.

Mindful Eating

This book focuses on recipes that are offered at an exclusive and luxurious resort and spa where you can enjoy hiking, yoga, and, of course, healthy and delicious food. They have a few restaurants where fine dining and an exclusive menu are featured, and they’ve created two cookbooks that share the very scrumptious recipes they offer their clients.

No meals can be prepared without a properly stocked pantry and the right culinary tools. The onset of the book covers this information. The next chapter covers The Basics, which are basic recipes that you will expand on with all the recipes contained in this cookbook.

The next section showcases recipes from The Cactus Flower Restaurant. I liked all the recipes except for the ones with meat. For me, conscious eating means cruelty-free meals, but to each his own.

They share everything from breakfast, baked goods, appetizers, soups, salads, dressings, entrees, to side dishes. I love the vibrant and appetizing pictures; they whet your appetite and inspire you to test the recipes out. A few of our favorite recipes are the Cornflake Crusted Banana Stuffed French Toast, Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread, Spa Falafel, Roasted Red Bell Pepper Mashed Potatoes and the Vegetarian Chili. The wholesome ingredients are easy to find, you don’t need a specialty store, and the recipes quite simple to make. I haven’t been that good at making dressings and sauces, so I was able to glean direction from the yummy recipes provided. Oh my goodness, the Miraval Honey-Mustard Dressing is so good and quick to whip up.


I completely resonated with the next chapter; recipes from The Palm Court Restaurant. This chapter shares fresh drinks and smoothies that will enhance your skin, give you energy, and gently detox your body.

The Brave Bill Lounge and The Oasis are not to be excluded. They too offer some awesome recipes that I can see myself making often. I’m kind of coo-coo for hummus and this has several recipes. The Black-Bean Hummus, Red Bell Pepper Hummus and Edamame Guacamole are so tasty and versatile. They can be served basically at any meal and with different entrees or side dishes.

No, we haven’t forgotten the desserts. The Chocolate-Cranberry Coconut Macaroons are beyond tasty, they’re euphorically delicious, so much so that you’ll not want to share them. There are puddings, ganache, and even a few cookie recipes. I loved all the dessert recipes; it shows that when you eat balanced and nutritious packed meals, desserts are a natural inclusion.

Mindful Eating will definitely lend a hand toward helping you gravitate to a more balanced, healthier and happier way of eating. We put so many restrictions on our diet that we miss out on the joy of eating and living.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.