Mindful Gifts for Your Zen Friends

The holiday season is here and we are getting ready for all the merry festivities that will happen over the next 6 weeks. Right now we’re making a holiday gift list and checking it twice to ensure we get something our family and friends need or will deeply appreciate. Many of us have close friends that are more metaphysical, zen or spiritually inclined and we may be wondering what mindful gifts we can get them. Schiffer Publishing has a wonderful selection of Mind, Body and Spirit books, decks, journals, and boxed sets that will resonate with our enlightened friends.

You may have noticed with your metaphysical friends that they love Oracle and Tarot decks and one is never enough. Although all Tarot decks have 78 cards, their theme and purpose vary considerably. With more people using and appreciating the Tarot, a deluge of decks has exploded on the market, making it exciting to choose a new one. To help simplify your choices, here are two of the new mindful decks I received and they will make the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season.

A Christmas Tarot

A Christmas Tarot is an enchanting deck that was inspired by Dicken’s holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. What’s unique about this deck is that it has 22 Major Arcana cards only and they are numbered from 0 – 21. As the Major Arcana cards represent significant and substantial turning points, they are fitting for an end of a year spread. The deck also comes with a guidebook where they are nestled together in a quaint and whimsical Victorian box that has dark green ribbon hinges and a lift tab.

The 22 cards have the same holiday image on the backs, but the fronts of each one have a unique message and ghostly artwork. Now you can channel and revisit the ghosts of Christmas past, get divine guidance from angels about our current situation and help to interpret our future endeavors. Each card has a name and offers one keyword for reflection and insight as you journey into the next year. It’s a beautiful deck and would make an ideal gift for beginner or experienced tarot card readers.

The Star Tarot
Stars are full of miracles and magic – bring the beauty of them into your life and into your heart!

The Star Tarot is one of the prettiest decks I’ve seen. The deck comes in a stunning keepsake box and includes 78 cards and a large guidebook. The artwork images are so precious and gorgeous. I was immediately drawn to the 4 of Wands, it’s just so adorable. Each of the 78 cards is filled with celestial and cosmic symbols designed to connect you with your soul’s purpose and deepen your innate gifts. The edges of the cards are also gilded with gold foil making them even more attractive and mystical.

Be prepared to enter the star-studded realm of crystal gardens, woodland sprites, sacred geometry mandalas, beautiful priestesses, enchanting lands, spirit animals and so much more. Explore and seek infinite answers for your personality possibilities mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically as you create your card spreads. The back of the book has helpful hints on creating the right tarot spread for you. I love this enchanting and mindful deck and I believe it would be welcomed and embraced by all tarot users.

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