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Most of us know about or may even have highly gifted people in their family. They are mindful and spiritual individuals that may be a medium, psychic, intuitive, telepathic, or an empath. An empath is someone who can sense, feel and absorb other people’s or animal’s emotions and physical symptoms at the expense of their own health and wellbeing. These highly sensitive individuals can get inundated with these emotions and become stressed, fatigued, depressed, and experience unusual symptoms. But, there are ways for these individuals to balance their abilities. Judith Orloff, an empath herself, has written a guidebook that lists strategies for sensitive people to lead successful lives.

Thriving as an Empath

Thriving as an empath

Thriving as an Empath offers daily passages, meditations, techniques and reflections that provide a practical kind of foreknowledge. These enlightened and instructional pages are meant to be read in sequence throughout the whole year as a self-care practice. But, you may also be drawn intuitively to a specific page each day, and that is okay as well.

January 1 – Treasure Your Sensitivity – “The first day of the years is a magical twenty-four hours. It’s a wide-open journal into new beginnings and new possibilities about how you view yourself as a highly empathic person. Take some quiet moments to reflect on your empathic gifts: your intuition, depth, creativity, compassion, and desire to better the world. Let yourself experience their worth.” … and more.

Each page, each day is filled with positivity so you can nurture and honor your abilities. They expand your awareness and help you find a healthy balance. You’ll be better prepared to handle stress, trust your intuition, set boundaries, protect your energies, deepening your connection to the cycles of nature and so much more. At the end of each passage, there is a ‘Set Your Intention’ section at the bottom. They are positive affirmations that lift the spirit, heal the soul and send an assured message into the future.

The Empath’s Empowerment Journal

Journaling is healing

The Empath’s Empowerment Journal is a self-care companion and resource to the Thriving as an Empath book. It affords you the opportunity to pen your emotions, feelings and realizations. It gives you the freedom to explore new topics, embrace your gifts, tune into your body’s wisdom, and expand your knowledge and awareness. This journal is filled with practical tools, fun exercises, positive affirmations and statements, and energizing wisdom. There is plenty of space to chronicle your insights, experiences, and reflections. Journaling is a beneficial mindful and spiritual habit that will allow you to embody your empathic abilities, so be openly raw and have fun.

Gravity & Grace

Grace & Gravity mindful yoga

Gravity and Grace, How to Awaken Your Subtle Body and Healing Power of Yoga features a fresh approach to transforming your yoga practice. The book is divided into five parts, Part 1 Teaching Stories, Part 2 The Energies of Gravity and Grace, Part 3 Science and Yoga Meet, Part 4 Subtle Body Anatomy and Part 5 Practice Essentials. The book starts off with the author’s story about the wisdom and insight he has gleaned over the past 45 years exploring yoga and the subtle body.

Subtle bodies are vibrations and seats of consciousness. They are layers of energy fields that extend beyond your body. For those you can see them, they are bands of various colors. They can reveal a lot about our health, energy level, energy blocks, and emotions. Our chakras are subtle energy points or vortexes that correspond to specific vital organs. Chakras can become blocked resulting in a variety of physical and emotional symptoms and ailments. Yoga can help clear or release negative energies, thus affecting our chakras.

Whether a newbie or seasoned yoga practitioner, this book will expand your knowledge of healing with yoga by tuning into the subtle body. I’ve tried yoga several times and I don’t feel anything, nor has it improved my health. But after reading that the author himself didn’t feel anything for years, it’s encouraging to try this mindful and spiritual discipline again. It can transform our health beyond what we believe.

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