Miracle Clay Bath and Soap

If you ever thought about cleansing and detoxifying you will be bombarded with copious products on the market. Deciding which one to use can be arduous. It’s my personal preference to use products from the earth. One of the best natural products is clay and there are a number of different kinds available. Natural clays have phenomenal health benefits and have been noted for being safe and effective. They have been included in or created into various products by several companies for our convenience.

One such company is Miracle Clay. Miracle Clay got its beginnings in the Amazon Rainforests of Peru where it’s founder first learned about Calcium Montmorillonite Clay. It’s been heralded as one of the most extraordinary and powerful natural occurring mineral compounds the earth willingly and lovingly offers us. Miracle Clay’s commitment is to offer us healthy, high quality, cruelty and animal-free, chemical-free, natural skin and health care products that are effective.

To list all the attributes, qualities and characteristics of Calcium Montmorillonite Clay would take volumes of time and paper because there are just so many. It is said to have 67+ minerals!! The abundant minerals in Calcium Montmorillonite clay have been used throughout the centuries for its healing and detoxifying properties. It’s noted for its versatility in helping both internal and external ailments like intestinal problems, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, wounds, acne, colitis, open wound, bug bites, poison ivy and much more. It also cleanses the liver, colon, and skin, strengthens our immune system and re-mineralizes our cells and tissue.

What first got me looking into healing clays was my own health issues and valid concerns about vaccines I had taken as a hospital employee. I was horrified to learn about the Hep B series and Mantoux vaccine’s effect on a healthy body. Calcium montmorillonite clay is effective as an adsorptive of heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, lead, arsenic, cadmium etc. It also absorbs a plethora of pathogens from pesticides to plastics to vaccines to chemtrails and many more.

With a number of toxins, we ingest daily through our food, water, air and environment, our bodies can be overwhelmed and depleted of vital nutrients and minerals. Miracle Clays products can help us get our bodies back into homeostasis, or our natural equilibrium.

I got to try a few of the Miracle Clays products and I was quite impressed. The Clay Bath skin detox is a natural clay powder that aids in removing toxins from our skin. You add 4 oz to your bath water and soak for 20 – 25 minutes. Your bath water will look just like muddy water and feel a little gritty. You will have to stir the product well in your bath water but some will still settle on the bottom of the tub. The product has no smell at all. It has a lovely silky feel on the skin which is welcoming and comforting. You can soak all of your body including your head and hair. Enjoy your soak and let the product work. After your 25 minute soak, you will have to rinse off and shampoo your hair.

I found my skin was so much softer and I’m missing some freckles. I had a couple of freckles on my legs that have been there for so many years and now a few of them are gone! I was astounded! I know it sounds credulous, but it’s true! It makes you want to take a clay bath every day. This container will last for four baths and it’s well worth the time to be kind to your body. One can only imagine what toxins and impurities it’s gently removing from our bodies.

Another product I tried was the ClayBrite Natural Toothpaste. The standard toothpaste on the market do very little to help your gums and teeth and many contain fluoride which can cause early puberty in children, damage fertility and bones. The ClayBrite toothpaste has a plethora of healthy and natural ingredients including the Calcium Montmorillonite Desert Clay, that was formulated to keep our mouth, teeth, and smile in complete wellness. This toothpaste not only cleans your teeth, but it will also help improve your gums and eliminate bad breath. I thought it was great that one of the ingredients is green tea extract. Green tea extract has the ability to destroy plaque-causing bacteria and helps prevent tooth decay! So this product was well thought out.

I really love this toothpaste. It’s a brown paste that has a lovely fresh mint taste. It will feel a little grainy because of the clay ingredient but it’s not at all abrasive or harmful to your enamel. I’ve had some issues with parts of my gums bleeding and it’s getting better with the use of this product. It does a great job in cleaning your teeth. My teeth actually feel like smooth porcelain after each use so clearly, it cleans better than my other brand. A little goes a long way, you don’t have to load your toothbrush up to be effective. My little family members were intrigued by the color and of course, had to try this new toothpaste out. The really liked the taste and thought it was really cool to spit out brown stuff. No worries if the kids swallow this toothpaste, it’s completely safe to ingest. I’m hoping with continued use it will help whiten my teeth.

Miracle Clay also carries several Ancient Clay Soaps that do not contain any harsh chemicals. They are completely 100% organic and made from a special blend of Montmorillonite and Essential Oils. These bars provide us with essential trace elements which are like potent little soldiers. They work really hard to help restore our skin. They come in several different scents as well as a scent-free bar. I really like them all but my favorite is the Sunrise and White Cloud. These fragrances are breathtaking and spirit calming. They also do a fabulous job of cleaning your body and making you feel refreshed.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.