Mix + Match Modern Crochet Blankets

Now that the colder weather is here, we are more inclined to start up our yarn crafts, be it knitting or crocheting. And with the holiday season here, many of us make a lot of our Christmas gifts. I love to crochet, in fact, I’m addicted. I always have several projects on the go and I’m always looking for new ones to start. Some gifts that people appreciate are trendy wearables and snuggly blankets. This year, I will be making a few blankets for some special people in my life from the patterns inside my new Mix and Match Modern Crochet Blankets book.

Mix + Match Modern Crochet Blankets

Secret code: Bobbles. Inside Mix + Match, you will find 100 different crochet patterns that you can mix and match to create unique blankets that no one else has. Each of the patterns is worked into long strips that you can sew or crochet together, thus building modular blankets with different colors, textures, and styles.

Inspiration Blankets & More

Forest Canopy
Desert Highway
Frosty Morning
Neon City
Basic Stitches
Mosaic Crochet
Tapestry Crochet

100 Strip Patterns

Ribbing and Cables
Bobbles, Puffs, and Popcorns

As you peruse the book, you will be inspired to line up different patterns that will make the perfect masterpiece. There are countless options for texture, colorwork, modern techniques, and more traditional crochet stitches. Plus, there are several projects that use a couple of patterns in unique ways. Love the popcorn stitch and filet? No problem! You will be able to combine any stitch combos that work harmoniously with your vibe.

Mix + Match Modern Crochet Blankets

Each strip pattern is featured with a written pattern, a chart, and a full-color swatch. The chart uses symbols, so you will need to be familiar with each one. You can find a Stitch Chart Symbol list in the book to use as a quick reference. The back of the book offers some basic stitches, how to do mosaic and tapestry crochet, and how to finish off your blankets, including adding pom poms. But, it doesn’t stop there, there are additional ideas for using the strips in other ways, such as scarves, bags, and homeware items.

If you are looking to make some distinctive and eccentric blankets, using up some odds and ends of yarn, then Mix + Match Modern Crochet Blankets will be your guide. It would also make a perfect gift in itself.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.