Modernize and Rehabilitate Your Outdated Kitchen Countertops with SpreadStone #DaichCoatings

About twentyish years ago, my husband and I moved out into the country to live in my grandfather’s house after he passed. We loved it. The fresh air and quiet were very appealing and welcoming and we enjoyed it for several years. But, I worked various shifts at the regional hospital and the one hour drive there and back was taking a toll on me and my SUV, especially during the winter months. As much as we loved the country, we had to move back into the city. We first purchased a newly built home and moved in quickly. Upon reflection though, it was an impulse buy because we were so eager to cut the commute. Even though the house was stunning, it was too small for our needs. So, we decided to build our home and choose a design that worked with our flow.

About seven months later, our home was built and we were anxious to move in. But, not all went according to plan and there were several glitches. Importantly, we did not get the countertop we agreed upon. We were expecting granite, but instead, we got a laminate countertop with birch wood trim to match our kitchen cabinets. Our complaints fell on deaf ears and this issue was never resolved. Suffice to say, we’ve lived with this pretty, but low-end countertop for sixteen years now. It’s scratched, singed, scarred, and discolored so we’ve pondered two options. We either have to replace the countertop for several thousands of dollars or update and rejuvenate it with a new product from Daich Coatings called SpreadStone.

SpreadStone Countertop Refinishing Kit

Kitchen before image

We decided to try the Spreadstone Countertop Refinishing Kit. It’s economical, it’s attractive, it’s easy to use and it has an abundance of other stellar attributes making it an easy decision. Price is a big factor. One kit costs just under $200 CDN and covers up to 40 square feet. Measuring our kitchen, we need two kits to complete the update. So it’s a very small expense compared to the gross amount we’d have to pay to replace our countertops.

With that, I wanted to share my experience with SpreadStone as I go through each of the steps. And I’m excited to see the end result! It’s supposed to have the look of real stone when finished, and I’m all for that.

Kitchen  before image

Each kit comes with a Base Coat, Stone Coat, Clear Coat, Roller Handle, Rollers, Paint Brush, Mini Roller Tray and sandpaper. The kits are available in eleven different finishes that will blend harmoniously with any color scheme. Although I love the black in our current countertop, it’s dull and faded in areas because we have a skylight just above. We decided to change the vibe of our kitchen with a new fresh look and went with Oyster. It has a soft light brown base with a combination of different colored flecks, including some black. We think it will work well with our interior colors.

SpreadStone colors

Attributes and Benefits

  • Excellent Long Term Durability
  • Stain Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Impact & Abrasion Resistant
  • Freeze & Thaw Protection
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • U/V Brittle Resistant
  • Can be Used on Multiple Surfaces
  • User-Friendly

I should mention that SpreadStone is good for numerous surfaces, not just laminate. You can also use it on MDF, plywood, particleboard, concrete, tile countertop, and table surfaces. But, if you have any cracks or holes, you will need to repair them first with a suitable material and then ensure it’s flush with your countertop before proceeding.

Expect to live in a little bit of chaos for a few days. To start, you will need to do all the prep work first. After removing everything from your counters, clean them really well and let them air dry. Then tape your backsplash tiles and cabinets so no product gets on them. Now we need to prepare the countertop surface for the Spreadstone.

You’ll need some good electric sanders to rough up the surface and get into those tight corners really well. We used our two Mastercraft sanders and they worked well. Use the P60 sandpaper that comes with the kit. It’s rough, yet gently removes any varnish or finish from the countertops and around the wooden edges. You just need to scuff the surface, so don’t be too aggressive.

Kitchen counters sanded

You don’t have to remove your sink and taps before sanding, you can just tape around them if you like. We chose to remove them and I’m glad we did. We noticed some water damage that seeped under the sink and can only surmise it’s because it wasn’t sealed properly. Or it could just be from 16 years of wear and tear.

SpreadStone Kit Supplies

Spreadstone Kit contents

The SpreadStone Kit comes with everything you need to change your kitchen from drab to fab. Each can is labeled by step, so all the guesswork has been removed. After you’ve scuffed your countertop surface, proceed to Step 1 which is applying the basecoat.

Step 1 of SpreadStone Kit

You will need to apply two coats of the basecoat with the provided rollers. They recommend you leave one to two hours between coats, or it has to be dry to the touch. After you finish the second coat, wash the roller well in cool water and allow it to dry for the next step. I was surprised that it had very little smell. I was expecting to open all my windows to air out the house, but it wasn’t necessary. I did, however, put my air purifier on to absorb what little smells the basecoat emitted.

Check out Daich Coatings Facebook page @decorativecoatingoverlays and see more of thier AWESOME products.

Tomorrow is Step 2. I’ll be back to share more on the SpreadStone countertop coating. And I’ll be offering an awesome giveaway! Stay tuned!


  1. my nephew just used this, he chose the black speckled one wow they look fabulous, I think I will try this on my very old countertops

  2. This is something I would love to try. When I bought my house, the counter has two big coffee stains, (I hope that’s what it was!) Try as I might, I’ve not found anything that will remove these stains.

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