Monopoly World Edition Board Game

The holiday season is here, and that means lots of family get-togethers. For us, we love playing games, especially board games. Hasbro has a fabulous selection of games for kids and adults of all ages, and we have lots of them. I grew up playing many Hasbro games, and Monopoly was one of our favorites. It’s one of those timeless games that can be passed down from generation to generation. That being said, Hasbro has released several different versions within the Monopoly family and Here & Now World Edition, is one of their newer games.

Hasbro Monopoly World Edition

This game comes with 1 gameboard, 4 tokens, 4 passports (plastic), 42 passport stamps (plastic): 22 location stamps & 20 first class stamps, 14 Chance cards, 14 Here & Now cards, 1 money pack, 1 banker’s tray, 2 dice, and game guide.

The Monopoly World Edition will take you to on a world tour to fabulous holiday destinations. All you need is a passport and the desire to travel. There’s are some similarities to the old version, but lots of fresh 21st century updates.

Hasbro monopoly 2

The game is designed for four people. The game board is filled with bright, colorful, and exciting images of awesome travel places. It has four placements for each players passport, and a place for Here & Now and Chance cards. I love the gold tokens, they represent iconic holiday locations.

So what’s different about this game? This version you use a plastic passport to collect all your stamps as you travel around the board. You still get some cash to play with, but you no longer build houses or hotels on your property. If you own a property, and someone lands on it, they just pay a flat rate and get a plastic passport stamp. The railroads are replaced with airports, and the Community Chest is replaced with the Here and Now cards.

What I really love about this game is that it’s not about gaining property and leaving your opponents in destitution. It’s about traveling and getting the most properties and passport stamps. Wow, I own property in Tokyo! It’s a lot of fun, and we thoroughly enjoy playing it. What a terrific gift this would make for the holidays! It’s simple to play and is recommended for ages 8+. It’s available on Amazon, Toys R US, and at other local retailers.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.