Mood Magick, Wellness Spells & Rituals

The last couple of years have really tried our stress levels, our patience, and our mental health in general. The impact has been overwhelming with a drastic increase in anxiety, depression, and sadly suicides. Fear, sadness, panic attacks, loneliness, hopelessness and insomnia are chronic symptoms many are still experiencing. We’ve lost our inner vibe, our innate creativity and have fallen off our soul path. All of these setbacks have left us feeling isolated, disconnected, and overburdened. Plus our addiction to electronic devices and social media acceptance have widened the distance between our feelings, our self-worth, and our connection to mother nature.

But take heart, there are ways to get reconnected with self, with nature and rebalance our emotions. Mood Magick will help those open-minded enough to successfully navigate through these tumultuous times with clarity and self-assurance.

Mood Magick, Wellness Spells & Rituals
A Witchy Wellness Guide for Self-Care, Grounding and Inspiration!

More and more people are awakening and embracing alternative, holistic and spiritual healing techniques and modalities. They no longer seem to raise too many eyebrows or cause heart-thumping fear. With that being said, Mood Magick offers wellness spells and rituals through witchcraft and magic. Witchcraft is fast becoming a growing trend and I don’t see it slowing down. A few of you may be genuflecting right now because of an inner program that classes witches are pagan evildoers on brooms who cast heinous spells on the innocent. Granted there are people out there that fit in this category that are not witches. Or you may feel like me, that they are natural healers, empowered feminists, or elemental mystics who only wish to help us in our healing journey. That is the essence of Mood Magick!

  • Grounding and Intention
  • Your Personal Connection to the Elements
  • Easy Elemental Spells
  • Soothing spells for Peace and Healing
  • Protection Spells for Stability and Safety
  • Love and Creativity Spells for Inspiration and Passion
  • Create Your Own Spell

The witch in this book, Ora North, has a unique connection to the elements of nature and has learned to harness their powers and energies to create positive changes in all areas of her life, her community, and the beloved planet. These elements are Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind/Air. Ether/Space is not covered in this book. You can learn to develop that same connection to the elements so you can create all the change you need in your life. But, this book is specifically focused on mental health, so by employing the basic tenets of witchcraft, you’ll learn to tap into your creativity to conjure a profound sense of peace and healing.

As you read through each chapter, you’ll glean life-changing insight into creating personal relationships with the elements, balancing energies, setting intentions and healing. And at the end of each chapter, you’ll find several exercises to put into practice. They’re refreshingly fun and easy, but some may test your nerve.

Because we can easily and quickly become imbalanced with either too much or too little of an element, there is a chart that shares how to correct this. It shares a list of some of the symptoms for each element and then offers several solutions. For example, if you are feeling anxious, you need more of the Earth element in your space. One suggestion is to put a Himalayan salt lamp in several rooms. If you have too much Earth element in your space, one symptom is being unable to move forward. A solution presented is to open your windows for fresh air to come in. How easy is that?

Ever feel like you’ve outgrown some relationships and having them around only makes you feel unhappy or upset? There is a chapter called the Cord Cutting Ritual for Cleaning Your Connections. It’s a great way to remove toxic energy from a person. You’ll feel lighter and brighter!

Whether you’re into this kind of vibe or just witch curious, you’ll enjoy all the information in this book. It’s not what you may think. It’s really a wonderful book that will change your life in so many ways.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.