Morrocco Method Golden Diamond Crystal Elixir

One of the first things we immediately notice about a person is their hair. Hair frames our faces and tells the world a lot about our personality. How we style our hair and take care of it says volumes about us. Our hair is our crowning glory, our lovely locks, our magnificent mane and we would do anything to keep it looking fabulous.

There are many things we can do to take care of our hair and keep it shiny, lush, and healthy. What we eat will reflect the health of our hair but equally important are what products we use on our hair. The shelves are loaded with inferior hair care products that contain harmful toxic ingredients such as parabens, acrylamide, 1, 4-Dioxane and selenium sulfide. These pernicious toxins are not only bad for your hair, but they can also have an adverse effect on your entire body and your health.

Morrocco Method Crystal Elixir

I personally have issues with my hair so I searched for a quality vegan organic product that was produced by a company with integrity. This search led me to Morroco Method Int’l. All of the Morrocco Method products are unique because of the research and experimentation that went into making them with the best ingredients and the highest integrity. Integrating modern scientific knowledge with the ancient healing arts of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism, they hover above most other personal products. This company has the highest standards I’ve found and no other hair care products come close to their holistic benchmark.

This time I had the pleasure of trying out one of their Elixirs. Morrocco Method’s 9 elixirs are original formulas for renewing, revitalizing, repairing, reconstructing, and restoring. They are the finest elixir oils on earth and are botanical food for promoting a healthy scalp and hair.

Morroco Method has its elixirs put into three categories, beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Their informative videos will explain each of their 9 elixirs. They share who can use them, how to use them, and how to get quick tremendous results out of these pristine oils. I really benefited from watching them.

I used the Golden Diamond Crystal Elixir until the entire bottle was finished. After your morning shower, you will want to use this product very sparingly. Press the pump only once and apply the oil to your hairline and any thinning areas. If you use too much your hair will have an oily appearance. Then a few hours before bed use two pumps and apply to your hairline, your complete scalp, and your hair too. The oils can also be used on your face and hands and are excellent moisturizers. The oil has a lovely herbal scent and leaves your skin quite silky.

Although they recommend you use the product for two weeks and then take a break for two weeks before continuing, I used the whole bottle at once for the purpose of this review. What I found is that the Golden Diamond Crystal Elixir nourished my itchy dry scalp. I occasionally will have flaky skin around my hairline and this product obliterated this condition. I also noticed how soft my skin and hair felt after just a few treatments. I was very surprised to see tiny new hairs growing along my hairline and can only imagine it had the same effect on the rest of my scalp. After one month my hair and scalp especially felt rejuvenated and are in a lot better condition. I would highly recommend this product to anyone whether you have a scalp condition or not. You will see and feel the Morrocco difference in a short time. I honestly have not found another product that can live up to this result! I would also suggest that you compliment the Elixirs with Morrocco Methods shampoos.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.