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Mother’s Day Sale at The Ayurveda Experience!

If there’s one thing that we can all agree to as we grow older, it’s our combined wonder at ‘How did our mothers put up with us?’ Our moms are the ones who have endured, tolerated, cared for, cooked, supported, and sacrificed for us since our birth and that’s saying a lot.

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To honor Mother Nature on Mother’s Day, we’re offering 15% OFF sitewide!

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And while our mothers or any woman who has had a tremendous effect on our lives have put up with our worst quirks, there is another mother we should remember on Mother’s Day – the one who inspires us to give back despite all: ‘Mother Nature’.

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating Mother Nature, the mom we all share!

And nothing could come closer to Mother Nature the way Ayurveda does – through formulations that derive their very existence from mother nature’s bosom, who has served humankind for more than 5,000 years and has revolutionized the concept of beauty to include a holistic approach!

Ajara Daily Face Care Kit for Dry, Mature Skin. It’s a wholesome daily care essential kit to enliven dull, dry skin. The kit contains:

  • Coconut rose to soften wash
  • Oatmeal nutmeg soothifying exfoliator
  • Geranium rose hydrating toner
  • Neroli orange nutritive serum
  • Tumeric tangerine youth serum

Mother’s Day Exclusive Bundle! Seven products for the price of 3! Only for a limited time! Includes:

  • Ajara Cedarwood rose calming cleaners
  • Ajara Tumeric tangerine youth concentrate
  • Ajara Lavender eucalyptus invigorating foot scrub
  • Ajara Sandalwood rose eye butter
  • Ajara Cucumber lotus eye soak
  • Ajara Well-rooted roll-on aroma blend
  • FREE Ajara vanilla rose lip balm
  • FREE Shipping & 40% off

Fundamentally, in skincare, Ayurveda makes use of ingredients that work in perfect harmony with each other. It’s not just a random blend of oils, rather, each of the formulations follow the careful procedure of ‘Samskara’ that determines the timings and order of ingredients to cook these powerful potions. keeping in mind the skincare and self-care needs of our contemporary lives.

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