Moulinex Slow Cooker

If your world happens to be hectic, demanding, and running at a rapid pace, the word slow might not fit in your vocabulary, unless we’re talking about slow cookers. These convenient appliances are actually ideal for a busy family.

Although I enjoy being in the kitchen and creating fabulous meals, sometimes circumstances necessitate my time and I need to pre-plan dinner. One of the best products to aid me in this endeavor is the Moulinex Slow Cooker from Canadian Tire.

Moulinex Slow Cooker

The Moulinex Slow Cooker is a sleek and stylish stainless steel appliance that fits into any decor. It has a 6 Quart capacity which allows us to create a huge one-pot meal with considerable ease.

The front of the slow cooker has an easy to read display screen which features the digital display, cook mode/temperature button, cook time button, off button, and the blue indicator light letting you know what heat setting you’ve programmed. There are three heat settings, low, medium, high, and a warm mode. The slow cooker has a default setting to cook for 6 hours, but if you wish to increase or decrease this time, press the “cook time” button until you get your desired time. Each time you press this button it will advance by 30 minutes. After the slow cooker finishes cooking, it will automatically switch to the warm mode and keep your food toasty for 6 hours.

All the components of this appliance are very lightweight, the base, the ceramic inner bowl, and the glass lid. It’s so easy to lift the ceramic casserole bowl out of the base and serve. It’s one of the nicest attributes that I really appreciate. I’ve made several meals in the Moulinex Slow Cooker and each time they turned out perfect. I love the advantage of being able to add your ingredients, set your cook mode, be off enjoying the beautiful day, and return to a delicious homemade meal. It doesn’t get any easier. This is a product every mom would love to have in her kitchen.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.