The Magickal and Mystical

Most of us love the enchanting and mystical world of magick, mermaids, dragons, fairies and so on. They make us happy and allows us some escape time from reality. They also encourage us to use our imagination and believe that the impossible is possible. There are numerous books, decks, and games that focus on this realm and they can entertain, educate and empower us, reflective of our needs. For those who believe or want to explore this field, here are a few whimsical, yet meaningful items you may enjoy.

Star Spinner Tarot Deck

tarot magick

The Star Spinner Tarot Deck is a unique and diverse set for several reasons. This set comes in a beautifully illustrated hinge box that looks like a magical storybook with a magnet closure. It has 81 full-colored cards instead of the typical 78 and comes with a 160-page guidebook. The additional love cards represent different expressions of love and lend themselves to include the LGBTQ community. If you love fairytales, myths and, magic, then this set will appeal to you.

The guidebook is compact and in black and white. It features all the cards and offers translation for upright and reversed meanings. There is an introduction to tarot and instructions for three spreads. The cards themselves are the traditional tarot size with a lovely lavender back with fairies and stars. They balance both bold and muted colors and have a sheen, but they’re not gilded. They’re about medium density and flexible so they slide easily and can be shuffled nicely. Each card has a Roman numeral at the top and its name at the bottom. The illustrations are whimsical and cover a wide range of stories, myths, and fairy tales. Some items featured include animals, celestial bodies, fairies, mermaids, wands, flowers and more. If you enjoy using tarot cards, then this set will be a great addition to your collection.

Color Magick, The Witch’s Coloring Book

color magick coloring book

The Color Magick coloring book is filled with 60 transcendental and fantastical Mother Nature images. They celebrate and rejoice around all things mystical, magickal and enchanting. The pages have a print on one side only and are perforated so you can display your artistic creations. It includes crystals, candles, herbs, flowers, nature, animals, potions, cauldrons, celestial bodies and so much more. It’s a beautiful coloring book honoring the spirit and practice of witchcraft.

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