Naot Father’s Day Sandals

When it comes to choosing footwear, I think men make more sensible choices as a rule. They are not swayed by style or color so much as comfort and stability, at least this has been my experience. That being said, they have come home with some homely looking shoes that really don’t have any appeal to them at all. Their taste in style often reflects the shoes they wear, and that is not always a good thing. Okay, so maybe men don’t have the poise, panache, and savviness that comes naturally to most of us gals. So, what’s a guy to do? There is only one place I can think of that promise style and comfort in their footwear, Naot Shoes.

If you’ve read my posts, then you’ll know I adore Naot Shoes and the awesome footwear they create. If you want shoes and sandals that offer peace to your feet with a trendy and urban smart flair for the men in your life, then Naot is the sole-ution!

Men's Naot Sandals in grey

Naot’s are the most comfortable shoes on the market and it’s nice they’ve created some handsome fashions for the guys, from formal, to semi-formal, to casual.

With summer and Father’s Day just around the bend, I can’t think of a nicer gift to give than a pair of Naot’s restful and dashing sandals. We got a pair of Electric Sandals to put through the paces.

These uber-cool dudes are light and breezy and have a masculine vibe to them. They’re incredibly comfortable and they maintain this comfort all day long. Men don’t seem to like to fuss with buckles and laces, so the thick and sturdy and secure velcro strips are ideal. They have leather uppers, and the heel strap has ample soft padding so there’s no friction or discomfort.

Men's Naot Sandals in black

The insoles offer great support and stability and conform to your feet like they were made specifically for you. The arch support is awesome, and your heel and toes feel tranquil even after a long day. They’re durable, flexible and have great traction on all surfaces, including wet. The craftsmanship and stitching are superb. They are definitely loved and appreciated by the guy who says very little! The Electric’s are a perfect all-purpose summer sandal that can be worn with any seasonal outfit.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.