Naot Sandals

If you’re like most gals you may have several if not many pairs of shoes in your closet that are agonizing to wear. They look beautiful, felt okay when you put them on in the store, but it was a whole new story when you had to wear them to an event. Sound familiar?

I’ve taken to wearing sandals year round because it’s a challenge to find comfortable footwear. Foot pain is one the most excruciating things you can suffer from because of wearing poorly made or fitting shoes. It can change your disposition and utterly ruin your whole day. Been there! The sandals I wear daily have a cork base and are very comfortable but seriously lacking in any kind of style. I certainly would not wear them with a dress. Enter Naot Sandals.

Noat SandalsI was incredibly delighted to find Noat Sandals because their shoes have a cork base and come in uber-chic styles and colors. Their concept is simple. You’re the happiest when your feet are comfortable. And, it’s fashionable to walk in comfort. I totally agree with them.

There are a lot of elements that go into making a Naot shoe not only comfortable but sensible, practical, and trendy. Each shoe has been methodically and compassionately designed from heel to toe so we never want to take them off. The insole is the foundation for calm, tranquil, and happy feet. They have great bones because of their unparalleled comfort formula and architecture. The soles made from a unique blend of cork and latex making it flexible, durable and shock absorbing. It’s a winning combination. The cork molds to the contour of your feet with continual wear making it perfect just for your feet. All their footwear is made from superior Italian leather.

Noat Sandals

Here’s a rundown of the insole’s uniqueness. The heel is deeper to maintain balance and protect the heel bone. Its arch support allows your body weight to be distributed evenly and reduces the pressure on your spine. The elevated insole center releases pressure in the joints. The hallux support supplies a natural groove for the big toes so there is no slipping and improves grip. I’ve had issues with the hallux support in other shoes which lead to a sore toe and a callus. The Naot shoe has the best hallux support that can be offered in a shoe. There is also a layer of latex sponge between the cork and the insole providing the ultimate in cushiony comfort. Lastly, the insole is topped off with suede making it utterly soft and cozy on the feet. What is also special about all Naot shoes is that the insole can be removed to accommodate orthotics. Compiled all these facts are a harmonious blend of stellar attributes.

Noat Sandals I had the pleasure of test driving some Naot sandals and I was so impressed. First and foremost, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Seriously! I have never been able to slip on a pair of shoes and wear them without a break-in period. I did not experience this with the Naots. It was caressing comfort right from the first wear. These gorgeous Union Sandals were heavenly to wear and honestly, I felt like I was wearing slippers, that’s how comfortable they were. There was no pressure, pulling or pinching around the ankle or midfoot, all was calm. The ankle strap has a velcro closure which I thought was fabulous. It was so easy to adjust the strap to fit perfectly. The leather is so soft and lush. I really love the heel, shank, and the sole’s look and feel. I felt sure-footed and I could even run in these. I had an event to go to and these dressy dolls looked great with a skirt and pants. They’re fabulous!!

I was also gratified to wear the Naot’s Asturius Sandal. I just cannot put into words how soothing and Noat Sandalscomfortable these sandals felt. Your feet just nestle into the restfulness of the soft suede. The feminine styles and designs are so gorgeous and they work well with both dressy and casual clothing. They’re sassy, beautiful, and great for all age groups. The sandals are very well made with perfect stitching. I also want to mention that the bottom of all Naot shoes have an embossed floral print on it so when you walk you leave an absolutely lovely impression behind. What a bonus feature.

Noat SandalsNaot Footwear cares about the health of our feet and they present a healthy solution. They offer us luxury and super comfort while keeping up with global trends and fulfilling a demand for well-made footwear. They carry an enormous selection of shoes for both men and women. It’s important to mention that Naot is on the list of the world’s 10 leading companies in the comfort category. Their high-quality footwear ranges from $140 and up. For me, Naot shoes are my first choice. I have worn both pairs of shoes for hours and hours and never once did I feel any discomfort, this is a first!! I really love these shoes!!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.