Naot Sandals

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe

There’s a lot of power behind the above words that Marilyn chimed; they’re more practical than she may have known. If our feet and toes are uncomfortable or in pain, the irritation WILL bring out the inner monster. If my feet are in anguish, it affects my whole body, my whole day, and my whole attitude. You will hear me roar!! It’s difficult to be cheery when your feet are uber grumpy, so finding the right brand is imperative! I’m very fond of an awesome line of shoes that I personally found will console your feet, lift your spirit, and put a major spring in your step, they are Noat Shoes!

Naot not only makes beautiful shoes with the highest quality materials, but they also make some of the most comfortable shoes in the world. Their shoes feature a specialized anatomical footbed made from cork, covered with a layer of latex, and wrapped in soft suede. The result is “happy feet.” Did you know that each of your toes is connected to a major organ?

Log #5 shows us that there are 6 meridians in each foot and which organs they are connected to. I thought this was a very interesting read, I also learned that there’s an emotion connected to each meridian as well; emotions like fear, anger, and worry. These tips are well worth checking out.

I also had the sheer joy of eyeing the new Naot catalog which showcases their newest and trendiest Spring/Summer Shoes for 2014! If you’re a shoe fanatic or if you’re looking for an awesome Mother’s Day gift, this is the catalog to peruse through. I can’t imagine a summer without a pair or two of Noat’s fashionable sandals. You’ll find styles for all personalities, from rakish and debonair, to chic and elegant. The hardest part is deciding which ones to choose from.

One of the most beautiful pairs of sandals in the world is made by Naot and I have a huge crush on them. The Deluxe sandals, I blush to say, made me cry tears of joy. I have admired them for over a year, and now they will be the adornment to all my summer ensembles.
These swanky and flirtatious sandals are just so gorgeous. They boast a lacy leather upper and Naot’s signature anatomically correct footbed which molds peacefully to the shape of your foot. The wedge heel is 2 – 3/4 inches and the platform is 1-3/4 inches. They’re a slingback with an open toe and have a slim adjustable velcro strap to keep you together. They’re incredibly lightweight and you can honestly wear or stand in them all day. I’ve worn these out shopping a couple of times and I was so pleased how wonderfully cushioned my feet felt. Often heels will slow me down, but not this pair, you can even run in these if you had to!

Another pair that I must brag about is the Paris Sandal. They also come with a leather upper that features three detailed criss-cross straps, a slingback, and a secure velcro strap. The heel is 2 inches and the platform is one inch. The luxurious footbed is removable; great if you wear orthotics or need a replacement. They come in some fabulous colors, I’m sporting the Fiji Purple. I also love the Sea Blue, Papaya, and the Aloe, they’re all deliciously fun colors for summer. I also wanted to mention that a lot of the Noat shoes have a delightful embossed floral print on the bottom of the sole, so when you walk you leave an absolutely lovely impression behind. The first impression is a lasting one, and they will remember Naot was here. I’ve never seen this beautiful bonus on any other shoe!

Both pairs have excellent arch support and they are very stable. The suede layer is great for hot sweaty summer days, they prevent any slipping and sliding. They are impeccably made with flawless stitching. With all these impressive attributes, I cannot think of a better gift for Mom this year. I know she’ll thank you!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.