Naot Shoes

If our feet could talk, what would they express? Would it be laurels of adoration or snippy lashes of reprimand? Our feet are in essence, our sole-mates. They are responsible for transporting us everywhere, no matter what the terrain, weather or the volume of weight we impose on them. We need to treat them with tender loving care, and one way to do this is to wear comfortable shoes. One of the first names that pops up is Naot.

Naot’s roots and solid history go back sixty-five years. They’re on the list of the world’s 10 leading companies in the comfort category. Throughout the years they’ve gone on to create some of the worlds most comfortable and fashionable shoes, boots, and clogs with high-quality cork, latex and leather. Naot’s are more than just footwear, a lot of thought went into their design. Cork has a deluge of attributes, it’s ergonomic, durable, lightweight, anti-microbial, acts as a shock absorber and allows our feet to breathe, so it’s going to have a positive effect on our feet. The cork footbed can be removed if needed to accommodate orthotics. The footbed is extra deep so relief is provided for those with any feet inflictions like bunions. You couldn’t ask for a better foundation to build a shoe around.

naot edelina black

One could assume that all this comfort would imply homely looking footwear, but that certainly is not the case with Naot. They have some of the snazziest, jazziest and stylish shoes on the market, but with a hallmark reputation of being tranquil to the feet. This fall, they introduced a gorgeous selection of new arrivals that will console your tootsies and complement your wardrobe. I got to road test the impressive Edelina shoes.

naot edelina red

The Naot Edelina is part of their Floral Collection; they’re a dressy loafer that integrates class, beauty and comfort. The 3/4 inch platform sole is flexible, offer lots of arch support and have a pretty tread for traction. It has a sophisticated 1-1/2 inch demi-wedge heel that’s trendy and easy on the spine. My favorite feature is the wide resplendent patent leather flap that adds so much character and personality to its profile. It’s attached with a secure velcro strip on the outer side where it meets another patch of florid design. This offers ample room to step into your shoe without any assistance from a shoe horn. The stitching is, as always, impeccable.

I found the shoes accommodatingly comfortable. I didn’t have to break them in; they fit perfect from the first wear. I can wear them for hours and hours and not know I have shoes on. Their offer repose and tenderness to my feet and for that I’m profoundly grateful. They very durable and stable footed so I have no trouble running in them if I have to. I’ve worn them with pants and a dress, and I love the look; they added a splash of interest and bling to my outfits. I absolutely adore these shoes!

Christmas is only a month away and if you’re looking for a gift of comfort, then swing by Naot’s site and check out all their awesome shoes and boots, for both men and women. Your feet will thank you! HaPpY HoLiDaYs!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.