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Narshya Youth Cream

Your 5-in-1 quintessential skincare staple for moisturized, glowing skin.

✔️Chemical-free ✔️Every ingredient is recognizable ✔️No added artificial fragrance ✔️Handcrafted

Narshya Youth Cream

Most of us have a drawer full of skincare lotions, potions, gels and creams that promise to change the texture of our skin on specific areas of our face. We’ve tried copious cleansers, eye cream, face cream, day cream, night cream, lip cream, moisturizers, exfoliants, masks, and more, all in the hope to return our skin to its youthful glory. We keep trying different brands because the previous one didn’t fulfill their promise, right? Enter Ajara’s Narshya Youth Cream!

Ajara Narshya Youth Cream works amazingly well as both a day and a night cream. It penetrates our skin deeply to leave behind a desirable glow. Its light-weight and has a non-greasy, luscious texture that gets absorbed seamlessly and instantly leaving your skin soft, supple and smooth.

Narshya Youth Cream attribute
Ajara’s Narshya Youth Cream is a one-product solution that contains the best Ayurvedic herbs and three exquisite oils. With its deep-cleansing penetrative action and moisture-locking quality, Narshya aids in restoring the natural balance of your skin. 

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