National Geographic Kids Weird But True!

What is one of our favorite days of the year? Our birthday!! National Geographic loves birthdays too!! And they are celebrating birthdays, everyone’s birthday with a bash! They’ve released a fun pack of Weird But True Books and party accessories just for this occasion.

National Geographic Birthday Bundle

The fun pack includes a copy of Weird But True! Birthdays, a copy of the gift-worthy Weird But True! World 2023, an 8″ SQUISHY birthday cupcake plush, a crazy straw Weird But True! tumbler, a cake-scented pencil, a delish (and easy!) recipe for party pops and eco-friendly multiuse confetti and paper honeycomb balloon.

Weird But True! Birthdays

National Geographic Weird But True! Birthdays

This fun-filled fact book takes the cake! Did you know that on each birthday, you are 31,536,000 seconds older than you were on your last birthday? Or that the winner at the world birthday cake-eating championship ate 14.5 pounds of cake in just under eight minutes? Did you know that a bakery in Boston, Massachusets created a banana-cream filled, chocolate and caramel frosted doughnut to celebrate Curious George’s 75th birthday? Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? A lot of people do. In fact, 75% of US pet owners have a party for their fur babies! Napoleon Bonaparte wore violets, February’s birth flower, in a locket around his neck because they were his wife’s favorite!

Unwrap 300 wacky facts and pictures showcasing the hilarious history, crazy coincidences, awesome astrological beliefs, and surprising statistics behind birthdays. You’ll be blown away by the world’s craziest cakes, the most elaborate decorations, and the most grandiose gifts to ever commemorate a year in your life. This fun book is bursting with so many cool facts! Kids will love it! (Paperback, $8.99, ages 8-12)

Weird But True! World 2023

National Geographic Weird But True! World 2023

If you got a kid that loves all things weird, then this National Geographic book is a must. A 10 out of 10 for gift giving! Discover Earth’s strangest animals, natural formations, festivals, ancient wonders, news, and more in this newest addition to the wildly popular Weird But True! family―an annual compendium of everything Weird But True! fans love … and then some. 

Did you know that Mexico has a hidden beach on the uninhabited Marieta Islands? To get there, you have to either swim or kayak there. With its white sand, sparkling water, and hidden location, this secret beach is picture-perfect. Want to hear another really weird fact? There are a lot of Christmas customs, singing carols, sending holiday cards, baking, leaving out cookies for Santa, and feeding the log that poops out sweets!! Wait, what? You read that right and it’s a Spanish custom. Caga Tio is a hollow log with a happy face at one end, and it ‘poops’ out sweets from the other. It doesn’t get any weirder…. oh wait it does!! More details about the ‘poop log’ are found in the book.

Readers will journey across the seven continents, dive into the ocean, and even blast off into space to discover a whole wide world of weirdness. From the troll doll bug of Suriname to the Bog Snorkeling Championships in Wales to a technicolor village in Indonesia, to quirky creatures from around the globe, Weird But True! World offers an unparalleled, adventure-filled exploration of our world’s amazing uniqueness. Oh, did you know that the Netherlands has more bikes than people? Did you know there is an underwater post office? Weird! Guess where? (Paperback, $8.99, ages 8-12)

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.