National Geographic Kids Books

While the stores are packed with oodles of gift ideas, sometimes it hard to find that perfect gift for family members, especially kids who seem to have everything. You can get them the latest ‘it’ toy, but if you want to give them something more meaningful, then books can have the biggest impact. This holiday season, National Geographic Kids Books has something for every kid who is curious about the world around them. These big, bold, and beautiful gift-worthy books are filled with weird, wild, and wonderful things and STUFFED with cool facts that capture kid’s attention and keep them engaged long after the batteries have run out.

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021

The National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021 is a wealth of wonder, wander and wildlife for kids to wade through. It’s divided into four sections, Your World 2021, Awesome Explorations, Amazing Animals, and Wonders of Nature. Each topic shares just enough information to peak a child’s interest, but not overwhelm them. Kids will enjoy reading about newly discovered animals, learning about zero waste, or discover some scaly superheroes.

The photography is superb and the illustrations are colorful, captivating, and compelling. Plus, kids will have a blast testing their knowledge with the Quiz Whiz and Bet You Didn’t Know sections. There’s a whole Fun & Games chapter where kids can read jokes, fill in the blanks, search and find, and more fun stuff. There are tons of fun facts, crafts, activities, and fascinating features about animals, science, nature, geography, cool technology, and more for kids to probe this summer. Ideal for kids aged 8 – 12, but kids of all ages will enjoy ogling the beautiful photos.

National Geographic Little Kids Big Book of Why

National Geographic Little Kids Big Book of Why

The National Geographic First Big Book of Why will answer all those incessantly thoughtful and goofy questions kids ask over and over. Kids ask why questions because they are trying to get a sense of the world around them, and this revealing book will answer them with fun and engaging information. The book is divided into four sections, Amazing Me, How Things Work, Animals All Around, and Wonders of the World.

Some of the probing questions answered are Why do we have belly buttons? Why do I have curly hair? Why do balloons float? Why do some animals have stripes? Why do bees make honey? Plus, there are games and interactive activities that kids can engage in while learning age-appropriate facts. The vivid images, cool facts and playful fun make this adventurous book inviting. It’s perfect for kids aged 3 – 7.

Why?:  Over 1,111 Answers to Everything

Why?:  Over 1,111 Answers to Everything

While you can answer kids every question, they will come up with more, 1,111 more! Their incessant curiosity keeps them asking questions about every facet of life. National Geographic’s Why? book is here to assist parents with answers to these thousands of questions. The contents are divided into 7 Why chapters. Why Me? * Why On Earth? * Why in the Sky? * Why, Where & When * Why-Fi? * Wild Why * and lastly The Whys of Our Lives.

Each question is addressed with age-appropriate answers and complemented with colorful images and illustrations that will keep kids absorbed in the content. Some of the questions addressed are Why do we have belly buttons? Why do we have eyelashes? Why do I toot? Why are leaves green? Why do Earthquakes happen? Why does the Earth have a moon? Why is the U.S. government hiding evidence of alien life? Why did Pirates fly the skull & crossbones? Why do skunks stink? Why do people look unhappy in photos? Why does music make me move? There is also an abundance of data boxes that share tons of fun facts like Person of Interest. With hundreds of topics ranging from silly to serious, this book has the expert information kids need in a fun and entertaining format that will keep them digging for answers. It’s a must for kids aged 8 – 12.

Nerdlet Animals

National Geographic Nerdlet Animals

Do you have a child that loves animals of all kinds and enjoys learning about them? National Geographics Nerdlet Animals is a small but photo and fact-packed book that will keep your little knowledge absorbing nerd enthralled for hours. It’s filled with weird and fascinating information about all kinds of animals. Kids will be familiar with some of the animals, while others may be odd and new to them.

Each animal is highlighted with cool facts and stunning photography. Plus there is a Nerd Alert and two fun-fact data boxes filled with interesting information that nerdy kids will enjoy reading. Did you know that Lemurs will mark trees as their own? Did you know that Tasmanian Devils are very noisy eaters? Did you know that despite their size, hippos are graceful swimmers? Did you know that Red Squirrels are also called pine squirrels, boomers, fairy diddles and chickarees?  

Plus, you’ll have some of your most burning animal questions answered, such as What’s the deal with crocodile tears? And you’ll meet people who get to be around animals for a living and travel to animal destinations around the world. You’ll also find personality quizzes, fun facts, animal superheroes, and even a Star Wars reference … or two. Ideal for kids aged 8 – 12.

Little Kids First Board Book Ocean

Little Kids First Board Book Ocean

The National Geographic First Board Book Ocean will introduce toddlers and preschoolers to a variety of ocean marine life. Each sea animal if featured with a beautiful full-color photograph and easy to understand age-appropriate facts. Plus, the back of the book has a little ‘Can you find’ quiz for preschoolers. Little kids will enjoy diving into all the fascinating aquatic pages.

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