National Geographic Kids Books Home Learning Essentials Bundle

Even though schools across North American flew open their doors a few weeks ago welcoming their students, more and more parents are choosing to home school their kids and educate them through distance learning programs. As both parents and kids embrace these scholastic changes, having optimal resources that are not only educational but also engaging and makes learning a fun and enjoyable experience, is a necessity. National Geographic Kids checks all the boxes, but more importantly, kids and parents genuinely love their books.

This fall, National Geographic Kids released several educational books that will blend in nicely with any academic program. They’re bold, colorful, captivating and worthy of any family library. Check them out.

Little Kids First BIG Book of Science

Little Kids First BIG Book of Science

The Little Kids First BIG Book of Science will have kids thoroughly enjoying this fascinating subject. It’s bursting with eye-opening images and age-appropriate information that kids ages 4 – 8 will grasp easily. This book is divided into five mesmerizing chapters.

  • Chapter One: What is Science?
  • Chapter Two: Life Science
  • Chapter Three: Earth and Space
  • Chapter Four: Physical Science
  • Chapter Five: Great Inventions

Each chapter is brimming with answers to questions that little kids ask every day. It shows kids how scientists go about finding the answers. With lots of pop-facts, photos, fact boxes, and additional probing questions, young readers will absorb the content quickly and easily.
*Interactive learning!

The first chapter introduces kids to all branches of science with questions, hypotheses, and observation. The second chapter focuses on the variety of animals, plants, and people on the planet. Plus they’ll learn about the different kinds of scientists. Chapter three will teach about planets, space, stars, air, oceans, rocks, volcanoes, and more. Chapter four physical scientists and how they mix substances to make new ones and how other scientists observe these creations. Chapter five is all about engineers and some of their greatest inventions. Sprinkled throughout the book you’ll find interactive and fun games, activities, and experiments for kids to test drive. They’re fun and informative. The end of the book also offers tips for parents to extend their child’s experience beyond this book.

5000 Awesome Facts

National Geograhic Kids 5000 Awesome Facts

The National Geographic Kids 5000 Awesome Facts share a wealth of knowledge about a plethora of subjects that resonate with kids. Each topic shares the coolest, weirdest, and most interesting facts kids ages 8 – 12 can read about. As you flip through the pages you’ll be amazed at all the detailed facts about one subject. Who knew there are 15 fun facts about peanut butter. Love castles? Read 75 facts that will astonish you. Did you know that moats were used as garbage dumps and a place to empty your toilets? Ew!

Love spy stuff? There are 15 sneaky facts about spies. Did you know the creator of James Bond was a spy himself during WWII? Or maybe you’re into dinosaurs – you take in 75 cool facts about these prehistoric creatures. Did you know that a T.Rex’s vision was better than that of a hawk? Or sink your teeth into 100 facts about sharks. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Bite into 25 cool things about this decadent treat. Visit distant locations, experiment with science, climb aboard the wildest rollercoaster, discover fascinating facts about the future, or read about your favorite toys. There’s just so much information in this book that it’s hard to put down. All the images are colorful, appealing, and fact revealing. This book will satisfy both the casual browser and those fact obsessed.

United States Atlas

United States Atlas allows kids to get familiar with the country

The National Geographic Kids United States Atlas reveals interesting facts about each of the 50 states and 14 territories. Included are more than 75 detailed maps, over 350 full-color images, and lots of interesting facts. The book is divided into 8 areas with their own color bars.

  • How to Use This Atlas
  • The Northeast
  • The Southeast
  • The Midwest
  • The Southwest
  • The West
  • U.S. Territories
  • U.S. Facts & Figures

The onset of the book shares the map symbols, metric conversion, and various functional maps that share the climate, natural hazards, population, and more. Each region is highlighted with important facts first and then each state in that region is featured. Each state or territory offers The Basics, a Geo Whiz, and lots of key points. Kids will learn where major cities are located, state capitals, state birds, state flower, and more. Did you know that New Hampshire is not purple? Their state flower is the Purple Lilac and their state bird is the Purple Finch! This atlas offers an abundance of information for homeschool students ages 8 – 12, classrooms, or for those who just love to learn about this country.

Beginner’s United States Atlas

Beginner's United States Atlas ideal for young kids

The National Geographic Kids Beginner’s United States Atlas features the wonders of all the American states at a glance. The 200 + images are big, bold, and colorful and the lively content highlights the best features. Each state profile shares a map and reveals interesting facts unique to it. Learn about land regions, statehood, state flags, water sources, climate, plants, animals, and fun facts for each state or territory. Do you know which state is known as the Chocolate Capital of the world? Do you know which city has the largest aquarium in the world? This atlas would be a beautiful addition to your family library.

Izzy Newton and the S.M.A.R.T. Squad: Absolute Hero 

Izzy Newton and the S.M.A.R.T. Squad: Absolute Hero books series.

Izzy Newton and the S.M.A.R.T Squad is a new fiction series for kids aged 8 – 12. It’s a story about a young girl, Izzy Newton, who is in the sixth grade, so kids will find her life and school experiences relatable. A new school year has just started at the Atom Middle School and all is not warm and cozy. One of your good friends, Marie, is now giving her the cold shoulder. Somethings up, but she still has her best friends Allie Einstein and Charlie Darwin who stick by her side. It’s a great story that stems around 5 brainy students, science, school issues, and socializing.

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