National Geographic Kids Books

Education is a hugely important factor in our kid’s lives. We want them to be prepared for adulthood with as many skills as possible. Reading is a great skill and books like National Geographic are fantastic educators. Every month their magazine features a variety of animals and interesting facts that kids will enjoy. They also create a diverse selection of books that help kids explore the world and introduce children to all aspects of nature, animals, outer space, oceans, and more. They’re ideal for any family library. Here are a few of their latest releases.

Weird But True Dinosaurs

National Geographic Kids Weird but true dinosaurs book

The National Geographic Kids Weird But True Dinosaurs book is brimming with cool facts, interesting finds, wacky trivia, and lots of colorful illustrations and photos. Here are some fun facts. The Triceratops had 3 horns on its head, but the Kosmoceratops had 15! Hawaii doesn’t have any dinosaur fossils because the islands are not old enough. Velociraptors are often portrayed twice their size in movies, but in actual fact, they are the size of a large turkey. A T.rex’s bite was 10 times more forceful than a modern alligator’s. The cat size Pegomastax had a beak like a parrot and quills like a porcupine! Did you know that the crest on a Parasaurolophus’ head like made a sound similar to the calls made by whales and elephants? There are so many fun facts, kids will find this book hard to put down.

Yoga Animals

National Geographic Yoga Animals book

Ever notice your pets when they wake up in the morning? They usually have to perform several stretches first before getting on with their day. Many of our current yoga postures make look similar. That’s because they were inspired by our furry friends. National Geographic Kids Yoga Animals will introduce children to different yoga moves that encourage graceful and natural moving, stretching, bending, balancing, curling, and taking in some deep breaths.

Each posture has an image of an animal doing the stretch naturally in its environment and a child duplicating it. Written step-by-step instructions are also given so kids can perform the stretch properly. Kids will unleash their inner animal and benefit from these life-enhancing poses and mindful movements. They will teach children how to center themselves, calm down, and learn stillness as well.

We Love Babies

Who doesn’t love tiny infant animals? They’re precious and beyond cute. National Geographic Kids We Love Babies features photos of adorable baby animals accompanied by rollicking and rhyming words. Kids will also learn what special names baby animals are called. From baby whales to baby rhinos to baby kangaroos to baby bunnies to ducks, kids will enjoy the many splendors of mother nature.

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