National Geographic Kids Easter Reads

As Easter approaches, the stores are filled with the traditional chocolate bunnies, eggs, candy, peeps, pudding, and more that kids and adults crave. While some parents may fill up their shopping carts with overly sweet, coma-inducing goodies, others prefer to skip the sugary treats altogether. Many parents are now choosing to fill their kid’s Easter baskets with books — sweet tales that celebrate spring, baby animals, and more. National Geographic Kids has just released a bunch of aww-dorable books that are filled with fuzzy animals, fun facts, and enchanting Easter stories. These knowledge-rich and photo-dense books will capture the attention of kids of all ages, year after year.

National Geographic Kids Celebrate Easter

National Geographic Kids Celebrate Easter shares how Easter, the holiest day on the Christian calendar, is celebrated around the world. It also shares how we celebrate and welcome in another spring. From the famous Easter Egg Roll at the White House to the traditional bonfires throughout Europe, to colorful customs and carnivals, to hula dancing in Hawaii, to painting and decorating eggshells to savoring decadent Easter candy and treats to singing festive hymns. This inspiring booklet leads young readers through the origins and traditions of this springtime festival of rebirth and hope. Plus, there is even a recipe at the back. (Ages 6-9)

National Geographic Kids Ducks

National Geographic Kids Ducks is an adorable book for pre-schoolers. Curious kids will learn all about these birds from being fuzzy ducklings to growing into one of the most graceful birds. The book starts off with an image of a Mallard Duck and a vocabulary tree. The tree highlights various features about the ducks, including what they do and where they live. With big fonts and simple sentences, preschoolers will learn keywords and concepts and how to connect them. As they flip through the pages, the colorful and engaging photography will teach kids about different kinds of ducks, their behavior, and their environment. The back of the book has an easy exercise for kids to share what they have learned about ducks. It’s such a precious book and kids will easily embrace its contents. (Ages 2 – 5)

National Geographic Kids Baby Animal Stickers

The National Geographic Baby Animals Sticker-Activity Book features over 1000 precious stickers of adorable baby animals. As kids turn each page, they will see what each animal looks like and learn about each one, including their baby names and some unique features. Did you know that newborn dolphins have eyelashes? Plus, there is a space for them to add a baby animal sticker specific to that breed. There are also lots of games, puzzles, mazes and more that will provide endless entertainment. It’s a great learning tool for young children. (Ages 4 – 8)

National Geographic Kids Cutest Animals on the Planet

National Geographic Kids Cutest Animals On The Planet is the first release in a brand new series of books that will melt everyone’s heart. Inside are large vivid photos of the most darling animals, aquatic life, reptiles, insects, and birds, along with a cool and interesting description of each animal. Included in this all-star list are red pandas, capybara, rainbow lorikeet, clownfish, red-eyed tree frog, hermit crab, dik-dik, leopard gecko, tuatara, rabbits, hedgehogs and so many more. It’s a great book that teaches kids about the variety of animals on our planet and how precious they are. (Ages 8 – 12)

National Geographic Kids Bible Stories

The Treasury of Bible Stories is filled with ancient retellings from the book of Genesis to the book of Daniel. Included are 28 powerful and beautifully illustrated stories that give children a rich picture of biblical times. Many stories are commonly known, like Noah’s Ark, the Flood, Baby Moses, the Ten Commandments, Samson and Delilah, Solomon’s Wisdom, Jonah and the Giant Fish, Daniel in the Lion’s Den and much more. Children will be inspired by the lessons these tales impart and glean insight into our past. They go beyond religion and embrace culture, history, and geography. Plus, they touch on issues that remain relevant today–faith, loyalty, kindness, violence, generosity, greed, jealousy, and more. To get a perspective on the area, the back of the book has a map, a timeline and a brief snippet of the people from the Bible. (Ages 8 – 12)

National Geographic Kids 500 Awesome Facts

National Geographic Kids 5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything is an impressive collection of fascinating and fun-tastic facts on a plethora of topics kids love. Each page is filled with vibrant illustrations and photography and dense with the wildest information. Love peanut butter? Did you know that the Spadefoot toad smells like peanut butter? Plus there are 15 more facts about this favorite food. Into ancient Egypt? There are 35 amazing facts about mummies that go beyond this ancient land. Did you know that Puruchuco, a site near Lima, Peru, contains more than 2,200 mummies? Want to learn more about Green facts and sustainability? 25 cool facts will teach kids how to make the earth cleaner and greener. Did you know that putting on a warm sweater instead of cranking up the heat can keep 1,000 pounds (454 kg) of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere every year? There is so much information to take in, that fact-obsessed kid’s will entranced for a long time! This book is a great education tool and it makes learning a blast.

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