National Geographic Not-So-Common Cent$

Do you remember the first time your parents educated you about money? It was usually chatting about your allowance and deciding whether you should spend it or put it in your piggy bank. Times have changed and there are newer ways to invest, like crypto. Although kids are a lot savvier about money, they still need advice and guidance to get and keep them on the right financial track.

With Financial Literacy Month here, now is a great time to chat with your kids about money and sharpen their financial literacy. This Spring, National Geographic Kids Books is debuting Not-So-Common Cent$  (written by Sarah Wassner Flynn, ages 8-12, 160 pgs, paperback) — the ultimate book of all things money and an excellent resource to helps kids learn about earning and budgeting money, using a bank account and understanding the history of money, why we use it and how it works.

National Geographic Not-So-Common Cent$

This book gives young readers a broad look at everything from cash to coins, credit cards to cryptocurrency and so much more.  Find out how money is made, how banks began, why the cost of certain things changes over time and varies around the world, the very cool ways some people have earned big bucks, and how others share their savings to help people in need.  Most important?  This book gets kids thinking about how to save smart, spend wisely, and even how to start making their own money.   Featuring a kid-friendly layout, engaging and practical information, and “Chameleonaire” — a top hat-wearing chameleon that pops up throughout the book with cool facts and helpful tips — Not-So-Common Cent$ is designed to entertain while the words educate.

From kids looking to start filling their piggy banks to aspiring entrepreneurs, Not-So-Common Cent$ is packed with important facts about money that kids can’t afford to miss, including:

  • The basics of saving (including some brilliant hacks), investing, and interest
  • What “credit” really means
  • Inventive ways to get your ideas flowing and money growing
  • What the stock market is, and how money moves around the world today
  • Ins and outs of cryptocurrency and other “new” money
  • The importance of giving back―one of the best things a fiscally responsible global citizen can do 
  • Why being smart with money = a big step toward independence
  • How money is made
  • Various banknotes and coins from around the world, and throughout history

This book is not only for kids. If you are struggling financially, this may also be the help you need. Knowledge is power and the Not-So-Common Cent$ is filled with it.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.