National Geographic Shark-Tastic Summer Reads

Summer is here and with restrictions lifting, families are anxious to get out and enjoy nature. If you’re lucky, that means chillaxing on the beach, digging your toes into the warm sand, and splashing in the cool ocean water. I was raised on a beach and always feared what could be lurking out there in deeper waters. Predators like sharks can be found globally in all five of our oceans, plus seas, bays, and even gulfs. From the deadliest Great White Shark to the passive Goblin Shark, kids are fascinated with these dangerous creatures. This summer, National Geographic Kids Books is celebrating these majestic beasts and their habitat with some “jaw-some” shark-themed books for readers of all ages. Ready to dive into the wet and wild world of sharks?

The Ultimate Book of Sharks

The Ultimate Book of Sharks is your guide to these fierce and fantastic fish. National Geographic Explorer and marine photographer Brian Skerry shares his phenomenal photos, personal insight and perspective, and thrilling underwater adventures. As you submerge yourself inside the book, you’ll be taken below the watery surfaces and into the minds of these ferocious predators.

  • Spectacular Sharks
  • Exploring Shark Anatomy
  • The Secret Lives of Sharks
  • The Fintastic Ten
  • Shark Myths Busted
  • Colossal Fossils
  • Super Sharks
  • Be a Shark Defender

As you peruse the pages, you’ll glean insight into the lives of these graceful gliders with ninja-like stealth. Learn about their habitat, what they eat, how they hunt, their heightened senses and so much more. did you know that the Greenland sharks can survive freezing temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees? They have compounds in their body that act like a natural antifreeze which allows them to function in extremely cold temperatures. Did you know that Angel Sharks are different than Rays? Ever hear of a Wobbegong or the Pygmy Shark? Did you know sharks have their own unique personalities and taste buds sprinkled all around the inside of their mouth and throat?

Each page has lots of information boxes that share facts about various sharks. The photos are breathtaking and show details about shark appearances, including rarely seen sharks, and their environment we would never get to see. Plus, the book ends with us being Shark Defenders. Human activities are taking a steep toll on these beautiful creatures. Let’s do our part so they do not become extinct. Ages 9-12.

National Geographic Kids First Big Book of the Ocean

The National Geographic Kids First Big Book of the Ocean is perfect for children who love marine life. The book is filled with more than 100 charming animal photos, along with their profiles, and facts about the creatures’ sizes, diets, homes, and more. Kids can read about their favorite underwater creatures and glean insight about dolphins, sharks, sea otters, and penguins, and more. Plus, they will be introduced to some lesser-known creatures.

  • Introduction
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Indian Ocean
  • Arctic Ocean
  • 10 Cool Things to Rember About the Ocean!

The photos are big, beautiful, bold, and beguiling. Kids will love all the gentle images of sea life and be inspired to learn more about them. The content is written in large font with easy-to-understand age-appropriate information. Each page features a different ocean life creature. A full-color photograph is shown that supports the text, along with some Fact Boxes, Pop-Up Facts, and Interactive Questions. The back of the book contains an Ocean Map and some helpful Parent Tips so you can extend your child’s experience beyond the pages of this book. Ages 4-8.

National Geographic Kids Extreme Ocean

National Geographic Kids Extreme Ocean, Amazing Animals, High-Tech Gear, Record-Breaking Depths, and much more, explore the wonders of the ocean and all its inhabitants. National Geographic Explorer Sylvia Earle leads readers on an in-depth tour of life beneath the waves and shares some of her most daring dives.

  • Introduction
  • Blue Heart of the Planet
  • Life Beneath the Waves
  • Going Deeper, Staying Longer
  • An Ocean in Trouble
  • How to Save an Ocean

You’ll get to discover or learn more about some of these watery creatures. Graceful seahorses, colorful garibaldi, elegant sea butterflies, and so many more. Plus, kids will learn about the amazing machines, gears and gadgets that carry explorers to the depths of the ocean.

Readers will appreciate the full-color photography and tons of facts shared. Each section will share extra information in the “Bet You Didn’t Know” and other fact boxes. Do you know why the ocean is blue? Did you know that no two fish faces are alike? Ever hear of the Guitarfish, Porcupinefish, or Pineapplefish?

Importantly, this book shares the devastating effects on the ocean due to human activities and catastrophes like the Exxon Valdez spill. This disaster affected the ecosystem and all marine creatures that inhabited the area. Rescue workers still continue to clean up the area. Plus, there is garbage, nets, and other disgusting debris that threatens ocean life. Trawling damages the seafloor inhabitants and dredging also damages the seafloor ecosystem. Our next generation has to do better if our ocean is to recover and stay healthy. Recommended for ages 8-12.

Shark Sticker Activity Book

The Shark Sticker Activity Book is swimming with lots of fun games including joining the dots, mazes, spelling, drawing, puzzles, and over 1000 aquatic stickers. Plus, kids will learn some amazing facts about sharks. Did you know that most sharks don’t chew their food, they swallow it whole or in large chunks! Kids will enjoy these activities for hours. Ages 4-8.

Weird But True Ocean

Weird But True Ocean is making waves with over 300 fin-tastic facts about the ocean and the scores of creatures that call it home. Plus, each fact includes a full-color photo that will captivate readers. Did you know that ocean plants produce more than half of Earth’s oxygen? Did you know that Seahorses can move each of their eyes independently? Are you aware that over three million shipwrecks are scattered across the ocean floor? There are so many cool facts! Readers and ocean lovers will find it hard to put this book down. For ages 8-12.

National Geographic Kids So Cool Sharks

National Geographic Kids So Cool Sharks shares many reasons why these huge creatures are just so cool. All the facts in this book are submerged with humor and fun and cool photos. Did you know there are more than 500 species of sharks and they come in all shapes and sizes? A whale shark is one of the biggest fish, growing as large as a school bus! Did you know that sharks have senses that are more like superpowers? This is the perfect little reader to get their brain buzzing and keep them laughing during their downtime. Great for kids ages 3 – 7.

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