National Geographic Valentine’s Day Kids Books

With socializing still basically kiboshed, kids are looking for other ways to stay entertained and amused. In general, it’s a good thing because semi-isolation offers them an opportunity to unlock their creative potential. And kids of all ages have taken advantage of this global time-out and tapped into and engaged their creative side. Some ignited their spark and started painting, drawing, knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, and doing other creative arts. Reading is also a stimulating way to captured kid’s attention while learning in the process. And National Geographic books make both reading and learning an enjoyable experience. This Valentine’s Day, they have released some new books that kids will love and some of them are even about love!

Somebunny Love Me

Our pets mean so much to us. They are our best friends, they’re loyal and they have unyielding love for us. Some Bunny Loves Me is about returning the love and sharing kindness with our animal friends. Not everyone has the same kind of pet and some don’t have pets at all. While kids will find animals ridiculously cute, we as parents, need to teach children very early on, that they are to be appreciated, treated gently, and respected. This alone will make the world a much better place.

Each page features a pet and shares many lessons on how kids can take care of and interact with them. These are big lessons and will affect them their whole life. Pets are not toys! They require daily maintenance with healthy food, a warm and clean environment, and lots of love. We all always must be kind, gentle, patient, and loving to our pets. Kids will learn about dogs, turtles, fish, cats, bunnies, hamsters, lizards, horses, and many more animals. In our home, our pets are the superstars. They are precious friends, they are family, they make us laugh, they are the stars in our photos and videos and sometimes the inspiration to get up in the morning. Animals enrich our lives!

Photo Ark

National Geographic Kids Photo Ark celebrates wild life of 50 beautiful and endangered animals. Regardless of size, species or geographic location, each of these animals places a signifcant role in our Earth’s dynamics. They are all important and precious and kids will enjoy learning about them. Each page will engage children with a vibrant picture of an animal along with some descriptive words along with pleas to care for our planet and the animals that live on it. There are several fold out pages throughout the book and a removeable poster on the back over.

125 Amazing Animal Stories

125 True Stories of Amazing Animal Friendships will warm your heart and most likely make you cry. You’ll read about the unlikeliest friendships and the amazing intuition animals have when they sense something is wrong. Unlike some humans, animals don’t pick friends based on popularity, money, religion or looks. Their criteria are simple, if you are kind, loyal, and fun, then you check all the boxes. We have a lot to learn from our animal friends.

Included are stores about goats, horses, donkeys, geese, chimps, koalas, hedgehogs, pigs, ducks, dogs and so many more. Each story shares how loving and compassionate animals are to one another. Read abouat a dog who finds a friend in a wild fox. Or a tiny owl who will do anything to protect her best friend, a German Shepard named Ingo. Featuring real photos of the animals and a short story for kids of all ages. It’s a perfect addition to any family library.

National Geographic Kids Brain Candy 2

Brain Candy 2 is for kids who love to savor some sweet facts. It’s filled with juicy tidbits, telling truths, uncanny connections, and mind-blowing facts. Have you ever seen a double rainbow? It occurs when sunlight is reflected twice inside a raindrop. The colors on the second rainbow appear in reverse order! Cool or what? Did you know that an elephant’s nose can detect water 12 miles away? Wow!

Believe in ghosts? If you were to visit Eltz Castle in Germany, you just might hear the clinking and clanking of the Knights who once protected the castle. Did you know that the Vikings used a crystal called Iceland Spar to help them find the sun and navigate their ship on cloudy days? Crystals are extraordinary! These and many other informative facts are waiting for young kids to read them. Kids will have lots of fun sharing what they learn.

A World Together

A World Together teaches kids about the love and warmth we can show our family and friends. But it goes beyond our close net circle. Love expands to include schools, communities, and yes, strangers. There are 8 billion people on the planet that live on all seven continents. Kids can take a trip around the world and learn about other cultures and experience how they show affection, what they eat, the homes they live in, the games they play and so much more. Kids will broaden their knowledge, expand their compassion and see what unites us as a global community.

Smart Squad

Izzy Newton and the S.M.A.R.T Squad is a new fiction series for kids aged 8 – 12. It’s a story about a young girl, Izzy Newton, who is in the sixth grade, so kids will find her life and school experiences relatable. A new school year has just started at the Atom Middle School and all is not warm and cozy. One of your good friends, Marie, is now giving her the cold shoulder. Somethings up, but she still has her best friends Allie Einstein and Charlie Darwin who stick by her side. It’s a great story that stems around 5 brainy students, science, school issues, and socializing.

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