Natracare Organic Feminine Products

When I say let’s talk green, most of you would not think about feminine products, right? But there is a need for natural feminine hygiene items. Some of you may have heard about a life-threatening condition called Toxic Shock Syndrome. It’s a rare causative bacterial infection,  Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyrogens have the potential to lower blood pressure to fatal levels and it’s linked to the use of tampons. Other symptoms are high fever, malaise, and confusion that can progress to a coma and multiple organ failures. Have you read the outside of your tampons box? They may contain a warning about the TSS. Granted most gal’s body chemistry does not interact dangerously with tampons but there are women who have lost their lives because of TSS. What is the solution?

Natracare is an ethical earth and body-friendly company that produces organic and natural feminine products. Natracare does not use chlorine bleach or plastic in any of their products. Natracare is free of any harsh toxins that can aggravate the skin.

Natracare Organic Feminine Products

They carry every kind of hygiene product a woman could need. Natracare hygiene products include Ultra Pads in various absorbency strengths including some with wings and a long variety. They’re eco-friendly and made from renewable and sustainable plant cellulose and 100% organic cotton. Tampons are available in normal to super plus absorbency and Maxi pads come in normal, super and long. They are rayon-free and certified organic. Pantyliners for everyday use come in four shapes Mini, Curved, Tanga and Ultra-Thin styles and they are over 99% biodegradable and compostable. They also carry maternity and incontinence products.

I was sent the Natracare curved natural panty liners, regular tampons, and the regular ultra pads. The Natracare panty liners are fabulous. They are very comfortable to wear, super soft, breathable and absorbent. I really like these liners and wear them all the time, especially if I’m exercising or working out. I would much rather have these organic liners against my skin if my undergarments are not organic as well. My daughter likes to use these with tampons for extra protection.

My daughter loves the organic Natracare tampons. She found the regular tampons comfortable and absorbent enough for a light day. The applicator is made out of a glossy corrugated material and was easy and comfortable to use. The side of the box will tell you the absorbency ranges so you can determine which tampon to use. The Super is good for a moderate flow and the Super Plus for a heavy flow or overnight. She has gone and purchased several more of their products.

The Natracare ultra pads are also very soft and comfortable to wear. I personally love wings on my hygiene products, it just adds more protection and gives me reassurance. The cover that is next to the skin is made from 100% certified organic cotton. The regular ultra pads are good for light days. I also really like how ultra-thin they are, no fear of any extra uncomfortable bulk. They are quite absorbent considering how slim they are.

What impresses me most is the great lengths this company has gone to create non-toxic hygiene products that provide the best in protection and are safe for our bodies.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.