Natural Antibiotics & Botanical Treatments

We’re in the heart of the flu and cold season, but realistically pathogens are always around us and we can get sick any time of the year. Instinctively, most people rush to their doctors or local pharmacy to stock up on cold and flu medications and chemical antibiotics. This may not always be the best course of action. Medications can weaken our immune system and become resistant to aggressive and hardy pathogens. To fight off disease, having a healthy immune system is necessary. This requires a nutritious diet supported by medicinal herbs. My newest book, Natural Antibiotics and Botanical Treatments offer options from Mother Nature.

Natural Antibiotics and Botanical Treatments

First Do No Harm

This book shares a comprehensive guide to medicinal plants and herbal remedies for not only your body but for other areas of our life as well. You’ll find effective and lasting relief for 26 common physical ailments and conditions plus over a dozen psychological concerns.

You’ll learn what antibiotics are, if bacteria is good, how medicinal plants work, and how to treat common ailments from acne to yeast infections. There are also lots of sound tips and advice in the margins and even some recipes. The book also shows vivid photos of the plants so you know what they look like.

Part 2 – Botanical Healing of the Mind deals with addressing psychological conditions like mood disorders, anxiety to behavioral and emotional disorders. A chapter is devoted to mainstream and proven alternative treatments. Plus, they share what foods will naturally lift your spirit. Chapter 10 covers conditions that are often overlooked by doctors; burnout, defencelessness, inner unrest, stress, and weak boundaries are some subjects covered. There is also a small section focusing on the 38 Bach Flower Remedies. The information shares why there were created and who to choose a remedy. Dr. Bach was convinced that every illness has an underlying psychological, spiritual, or emotional cause, often long before the physical symptoms occur.

Part 3- Remedies from the Plant Kingdom share plants that can be used for the mind and the body. It discusses plant profiles, dosage, and if there are any side effects. Chapter 13 shares details about purchasing and preparing trusted medicinal herbs. 30 different plants are covered along with the conditions it has been proven to be effective for.

I’m very much pro-natural healing with ingredients lovingly grown by Mother Nature herself. I also have great respect for the doctors and medical staff who devote their lives to helping people. I would not want to be without either. This book is perfect for people looking for natural ways to address common ailments.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.