Natural Beauty Remedies and Recipes

Natural Beauty is in! Although the cosmetic industry has been thriving for decades, more and more people are focusing on skincare. Beauty starts skin deep, so the way we take care of our skin and the products we use will have a huge factor in our skin’s health and our appearance. More of us are becoming aware that it’s the skincare products that are the workhorses and makeup is merely a trick pony.

Store shelves are filled with copious skincare products that are loaded with harsh ingredients. Some of these toxins are Mercury, Lead, Toluene, Polyethylene Glycols, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Fragrances, and the list goes on. Did you know that these toxic chemicals can linger in your body for weeks, months or longer? Savvy health-conscious consumers are onto this factor and are searching for and using organic brands. Many are also choosing to make their own skincare formulas using nourishing recipes like those found in Natural Beauty!

Natural Beauty

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Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty is an informative compendium filled with advice, facts and nourishing recipes for our skin and hair. It’s divided into 5 main sections, Directory of Ingredients, Face, Body, Hair and Hands and Feet. Each of these has subsections that hone in on more health details and specific recipes. They also mention nutrition at the back of the book and share which vitamins and superfoods will boost inner health and outer beauty.

The first section is an eye-opener. It covers chemical beauty and lists many of the toxin ingredients in skincare and cosmetics. But just as importantly, it shares what we need to make our own natural beauty products. These include tools and fresh ingredients.

Natural Beauty recipes

The Directory of Ingredients focuses on the natural ingredients you’ll need to create the included recipes. Each ingredient features an image and detailed information on what it’s good for and how it can help our skin. It also shares how each ingredient can be transformed and used as oils, creams, ointments, salves, glycerin, spritzer, tinctures or taken (eaten) in their natural form. You’ll also learn ‘Quick Fix’ tips. Did you know that if you rub 1 – 2 drops of Evening Primrose oil on your nails it can soften your cuticles and improve the resilience of brittle and easily breakable nails?

You’ll also learn about skin types and which natural helpers will improve our skin’s health. They also share what things to avoid and what foods will benefit your skin. Need a skincare regime? They provide the bones for a basic regime and share key botanicals that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Want to enhance your beauty? You’ll learn lots of positive makeup tips to amplify your beauty and get a flawless look.

The Body chapter shares how to pamper your body with simple massage techniques and multiuse recipes. Learn to make soaps, body butters, body scrubs, detox oils, deodorants, perfumes and much more. The Hair chapter covers hair types, hair care basics, and recipes to rejuvenate your hair. Natural Beauty will be your guide to looking gorgeous. By using only Mother Nature’s ingredients you will create formulas to repair, nurture and beautify your body.

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